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4 Tips for Organizing Your Life

Staying organized can play a very important role in your life, and it can benefit you in multiple ways. It can be, however, very difficult. When things start getting shaky, it can all of a sudden break. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a mess that is negatively influencing you by not allowing you to focus on what you need to be focusing on. When things get a little out of hand, these are the tips that I always go back to in order to get my life organized again.

Set Days For Cleaning.
In order to begin organizing, you need to have some form of structure. I have a designated day of the week that I know that day I have to clean the apartment. You could plan out little tasks to do through out the week, and have a designated day for each task. I personally do not like that type of method. I would rather have a day where I just take two hours to clean the entire apartment. Instead of getting stressed out because there is a mess, I take comfort in knowing that everything will be cleaned on this specific day.

Have a Planner Session at the Beginning of the Week.
Every Sunday, no matter how busy I am, the last thing I will do before I go to bed is plan my week out with the use of my planner. It usually takes me an hour to do just because I’m checking everything I have and all the assignments that I not only need to complete, but are also due. It does take me a little longer because I doubt check everything in order to make sure I did not miss anything. I will write down tasks for each day, when assignments are due, when I have appointments and meetings, and my workout schedule. This way, I know what I have to do each day, and I’m not giving myself the potential to forget anything. It takes away the stress of trying to figure out what you need to do for that day.

Clean Out Day.
This method is sort of like spring cleaning, but it is done once a month  or so. What I like to do is once a month I will clean out my purse and my book bag. I am never caught without one of these bags on my arm, but that means that by the end of the month my bag is usually full of trash or pointless items. Cleaning my bags out once a month allows me to not lose important things that I have under the things I stuffed in my bag when I was in a rush. You would be surprised with what you find in your purse.

Everything Has a Place.
My mom taught me this lesson from a very young age. Everything has a place and when you use it, put it back. It sounds simple enough, but how many times have you laid clothes on a chair or your bed because you were too lazy to hang them? For me, it’s a bunch of times. Putting your things way takes seconds and makes all the difference in how clean your room or apartment is. When things get a little out of hand, take some time to clean up your mess, and then actively try to put things away after you use them.


There comes a time where all we want is silence. We crave it in the midst of chaos. The noise in the air will be at an all-time high level, and you wish you could just yell for everyone to shut up for just a second. It seems like silence brings peace, except when it is coming from God. You see, when God is silent, we beg for Him to speak. We beg for a sign or a signal to help us, but instead we hear nothing. And usually, we misinterpret the silence for abandonment.

Everyone goes through a period where it doesn’t seem as if anything is going right. Anything bad that could have happened, did. And now you just feel stuck. Maybe you’re even crying out to God, asking why is this happening to you. You thought you were a good person. You thought that you had done everything you were supposed to. And what do you get back as a response? Nothing. God doesn’t speak to you. He doesn’t send you and signs telling you what to do. And you think that means He is not listening. So, you scream and shout, and still nothing. And this could go on for months, until you’re lying on your bedroom floor begging for anything. But still receive nothing, and you begin to lose hope.

There’s a book in the bible named Job that tells the story of this man who wholeheartedly trusted God and would praise Him no matter the situation. But the devil told God that Job only praised Him because He gave Job everything. So, God allowed the devil to tempt Job. The devil was allowed to do anything without actually harming Job’s life. And he did everything he could to turn Job against God. At this time, God was silent towards Job. People observing this situation  believed Job was being punished for some injustice decision he made, but that was not true. Then, people told Job he should turn his back on God. God was not caring for His child, therefore, people believed he had every right to turn against God. Still Job did not, he continued to praise God despite the silence.

In life, we are going to be tested and tempted. And during this time, we are also going to receive silence from God. Yes, it is going to be hard, but nobody said this life was easy. Being tempted and turning away from that temptation is what will eventually make us closer with God. So next time you are going through a period where you experience silence from God, remember that the teacher always stays silent during the test. His silence doesn’t change His love for you.