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Don't Let the Boredom Break You

In Today’s society, it seems like you always have to be busy doing something. We see people on Instagram traveling around the world. Or we see the boss babe quotes popping up all over Pinterest. It just seems like if we are not jam packing our schedules with activities, then we are not doing enough. We are not achieving our goals if we are just doing everyday activities such as going to school or working a 9-5 job. But, the truth is everyone goes through these boring moments, these stuck moments that feel like they will never pass. They just will not admit it because it doesn’t fit with their ‘image’. We try to avoid the boring phases we have in our lives. But what we fail to realize is that God uses those boring moments to teach us and prepare us.

The things we need the most for our end goal is usually learned during boring stages. Boring stages teach us patience, appreciation, hard work, and, most importantly, it teaches us that we need to enjoy where we are. I usually get so restless when I stay at a place for too long, and the same goes for when I am at the same stage in my life for too long. I end up praying for God to give me something fun and exciting. I try to convince Him that I am ready for the next stage, as if I know what is better for me than God does. But the truth is, I have been placed in this boring stage for a reason. And the only way to get out of this stage is to continue to pursue your goals, but you have to appreciate where you are at now. It is far further than where you started. And, the boring parts are usually the most comfortable periods. You will wish for them back because moving to the next stage is always uncomfortable.

God has bigger and better things in store for you. Just because you are going through a boring period doesn’t mean the rest of your life will be boring too. You’re not stuck, you are exactly where God wants you to be. The most important thing to do is not quit. Don’t let the boredom break you. All the stories in the bible, all the miracles, they happened to ordinary people going through their own boring, ordinary, stages. Miracles wouldn’t be miracles if they didn’t have their own spotlight. They’re not going to happen when you’re expecting them. Miracles are what are going to be what disturb your boring, peaceful, stage. They are going to be what throws you off course. You just have to wait for it, and don’t forget to praise God in the meantime.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before by Jenny Han | Book Review

 Lara Jean has only ever fell hard for five guys in her life, all which were not eligible. So, in order to get over these deep crushes, Lara will write a letter to them, address it, and then stick it in a hat box in her closet for no one to ever read them. Until, one day, her letters mysteriously get delivered to each boy she ever found herself loving. All these crushes are quite old, so after the initial embarrassment she should be able to get over this situation quite quickly. Except, one of those boys she loved, and received a letter, was the boy next door and also known as her sister’s boyfriend, Josh. Peter, another boy who received a letter, is trying to get over his ex-girlfriend. Lara Jean is trying to avoid this embarrassing situation with Josh. So, the two find that faking dating each other might solve all their problems. Except it only causes more problems in the end.

Let my start out by saying I know I am completely behind on reading these books, and all of my friends tried to get me to read them during senior year of high school. I got through 6 chapters of the first book and never picked them up again. Until now. I will whole heartedly say that the movie version of this book (which comes out tomorrow!!) is what inspired me to pick these books back up. I have always been a fan of Jenny Han, ever since I read her series ‘The Summer I Turned Pretty’, which is one of the reasons I picked this book up two years ago. However, I despise love triangles and this book is full of them. I will admit that, now, this is the only book with a ton of love triangles that I not only can stand, but actually like.

I loved the characters in this book so much. Well, most of them. I hated Genevieve with every inch of my body. And Peter could be a jerk every once in a while. Peter may be the classic popular guy, but he definitely held his fair share of flaws, which I must admit might have bugged me from time to time. I loved how he acted around Lara but hated who he became around Genevieve. In the end, Peter may have ended up being my favorite character just because of how he treated Lara Jean’s little sister, Kitty. I never felt any of the characters were too perfect to be relatable, which was something I really loved.

This book didn’t just hold one love triangle, it held many. I mentioned before I hate love triangles and it has everything to do with the fact that I get anxiety because I don’t know who to cheer for. I want to cheer for the guy who actually ends up with the girl because I don’t want my little heart to get broken by the ending. Curse Jenny Han, I say in the nicest way possible. This book was a wild rollercoaster and I felt every single emotion every second I read this book. That is one of my favorite things, and least favorite thing, about Jenny Han. She knows exactly how to write in order to emotionally connect the reader to the characters and the story line. I don’t know how she does it. I can read books and be completely unattached, but then I pick up one of Jenny Han’s books and it’s like all of a sudden I have all of these emotions. I love it and hate it at the same time.

The only thing I disliked was there wasn’t really a happy ending. It was because there is a second book, of course, which would clear up all the unfinished business. But, that only made me pick the second book up immediately after finishing the first (I see what Jenny Han did there, great strategy). I literally read these two books in a day and a half because of how addicting they were. These books consumed me with every plot twist and bumpy moment that I physically could not put them down. I recommend reading these books during a weekend when no one can disturb you.

Overall, I highly recommend these books to anyone. I am a fantasy girl. I like adventure and chaos, but these novels had so much chaos that they kept me so intrigued and on my toes. You can like any genre and I feel you would fall in love with these books. Just be aware that there is no escaping emotions when reading this trilogy.