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Onyx | Book Review

            Ever since Daemon healed Katy, who was close to death, weird things have been happening between the two. The healing has linked them together and if one dies, they both will die. But now they have bigger problems than just the Luxen’s natural enemies they battled in book 1. If the Department of Defense, the part of the government that watches for any UFO activity, finds out that the two are linked, then who knows what they will do to them. On top of all this, Katy is falling hard for Daemon and instead of confessing to Daemon, who has made his feelings for Katy very well known by now, she tries to distract herself with the new kid, Blake. Katy is trying to control herself and whatever new abilities she gained from the healing but when she sees someone who was believed to be dead, she just might unravel another mystery in the Black family.

            This is the second book in the Lux series. I did a review on the first which you can find here. This book was still very good, but in my opinion I think it might be one of the weaker ones in the series. We are still in that in between stage when it comes to Katy and Daemon’s relationship. They still bicker but are warming up to each other. But there is constantly a circle of events. Katy wants to do something Daemon doesn’t like, Daemon disagrees, Katy does it anyway because she does not take orders from anyone, and then (for the most part) she regrets her decision. This is a constant reoccurrence especially when Katy and Blake are hanging out together which, obviously, Daemon does not like. The ending is great though. It does have a little bit of cliffhanger, well not so much of a cliffhanger as a new reason to continue to the next book. It opens up a completely new storyline. One of the things I do not like about the writing style is that in the beginning the author tries to refresh book one for the reader but in a casual way. I understand because the books were released years apart so it helps refreshing the reader’s mind but when you read book after book it makes the beginning a little slow.

            (spoilers.) I hate Blake. I know that he was all sweet in the beginning but I hated him then too because I felt like he threatened Katy and Daemon’s almost relationship. And then as the story goes on and you find out more about who he is and what he is, you hate him even more. Or at least I did. Katy spends a large amount of time training with Blake and then when Daemon stops attending the train sessions my heart kind of tore. Then, with Daemon not hovering over them, Blake begins to go harder on Katy, forcing her to do things she is not okay with and almost killing her in the process. Because of the amount of time Katy spends training, she trails away from her friendship with Dee which completely hurts me.

            Let’s skip to the end. We find out that Blake is not the good guy and Dee tries to save Katy with her boyfriend Adam. Except Adam dies and Dee gets seriously injured at the hand of Blake. But the coping with Adam’s death is what broke my heart because it makes Dee push away Katy and Katy blames herself for the death. This scene kind of ruins almost all the relationship Katy has with people. Ash and Andrew hate her even more, Dee doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, and Blake proved he was a terrible person.
            And if we thought things could not get any worse for Katy, her mother’s boyfriend kidnaps her and tortures her. Daemon comes to save her and Will says Katy can be free if Daemon mutates him. Of course we know that the mutation doesn’t work unless both really want it to happen and Daemon doesn’t allow that to happen. But Will tells Daemon that is brother is being locked in the same facility as Katy. Daemon heals Will, not really wanting to, and then him and Katy go to find Dawson. When they find Dawson’s cell to be empty, they return home feeling defeated. But then Dawson walks out of Daemon’s house with Dee and everything is about to change. I’m happy that Katy and Daemon end the novel together but it sucks under the circumstances. Dee is unhappy and now Dawson is back but all he wants is the love of his life, Beth. And Daemon now has to be on watch for, not only his hybrid girlfriend, but his two siblings.

            I do not dislike this book at all. This is still one of my favorite series. It is just my favorite part is at the end when the two get together and everything else is just road blocks for this to happen. The majority of the book I was rushing because I wanted Blake gone and Daemon to be with Katy. And I feel that even if I reread this book, it would still happen a second time because I just want the two to get together. I still highly recommend this book especially if you already began the series.

Why Dreams Die.

            What do you want to be when you grow up? It was a question we were asked almost every year at the beginning of school when we were little. And kids would come up with crazy and extreme answers like princess or president. Some were dead set on being doctors or policemen. But the point is we all had dreams. And throughout the years those dreams started to change and then they began to fade away. From the very beginning I knew I had big dreams. There were so many things I wanted to do and so many places I wanted to go. But by the end of high school, my dreams were still so big but I witnessed all of my friends lose sight of their own dreams. I sat back while watching these kids, who swore they were going to change the world one day, walk across a stage to receive a diploma with a new set of reality.  The same kid who four years ago had a plan to become president was now going to college for a business management degree even though he never once showed interest in anything except politics. I wondered when did these kids forget about their dreams? It took me a year but I think I finally understand.

            The first reason as to why people lose sight of their dreams is because they begin to focus on money instead of happiness. The question “what do you want to be when you are older” quickly turned into “how much money did you want to make a year when you are older?” I remember I would go to my high school councilors office to discuss my college plans and what classes I needed to complete to get into certain colleges, and in the little waiting area there were booklets about professions and on the first page of each booklet was the money amount of what you would most likely earn if you were to choose this career. I would constantly hear girls talk about how they couldn’t wait to be 23 and driving a Range Rover with their dog in the front seat when four years ago they were the ones who were rambling on about how they couldn’t wait to do something earth shattering and world changing.

            The second reason was kids were discouraged. At the beginning of my senior year, all of the seniors were brought into the auditorium and we had our principle explaining to us that this was going to be the last chapter of our high school career. This was the time that we needed to get serious about our future. And I’ll never forget that he said “you need to look at what you love and what you are good at and then compare them until you find out what you should do with your life. If you have been dreaming about being a doctor but you hate science, then you’re going to need to pick a different career.” When he said this, my whole body just kind of froze because I couldn’t actually comprehend that he was really saying this. We had all been told the previous year that we could be, and do, whatever we want as long as we want it enough. While it does not  sound right that someone who does not love science would want to be a doctor, it could still happen. They just had to have more determination to be a doctor than the hate they had for science. If you’re not good at science, there are things you could do to improve. You could hire a tutor or visit professors during office hours multiple days a week. Or who knows, maybe you hated science because your school didn’t have any good science teachers but when you get to college you end up falling in love with the subjects. You might not be good at what you love right now but you could always get better at it. Instead of preaching improvement, our principle preached giving up. I still wonder how many kids’ dreams he destroyed with that speech.

            The third and final reason is because of time and effort. When we are little, we really did not think about the risks or the things we would have to endure to accomplish our dreams. We just knew what we wanted and we expected to get it. But then you find yourself sitting in your calculus class during the last year of high school and you realize this is it. This is when your life begins and when you no longer have a small amount of responsibilities. And it scares you. Because now you see the class load you have to have for your degree. You see the extra four years of school to be a doctor. And then internship and residency and there is so much you have to accomplish that you start to doubt if it is even going to be worth it because you won’t be accomplishing your dreams until you’re 30. Is this really what you want? Can you really do this?

            Let me tell you a secret. The time will pass whether you are working to be a doctor or you end up changing your mind and decide to get a business degree. So think about what makes you happy. Find out what your ultimate dreams are and then do not give up. Don’t worry about the money you would be making or the time it would be taking you to accomplish them. And don’t you dare let anyone discourage you because you can do whatever you put your mind to. You just have to want it enough.