Beauty and the Beast Palette by Lorac | Review

October 16, 2017

            Back in March the human adaptation to the Disney classic Beauty and the Beast premiered in theatres and it was beautiful. With it came all of the inspired beauty products including the Beauty and the Beast collection by the makeup brand Lorac. When this collection came out, it was so hard to find. My most wanted product was the eyeshadow palette simply because eye shadow is my favorite part of makeup to begin with. Skip to late August, and I finally had the chance to receive this palette. Let me tell you, it was a magical moment.

            This palette is by far the most beautiful palettes I have ever owned or seen. The outside is a very light gold with a bit of a reflection, and it has the famous rose on the front. It also says Tale as Old as Time on the front which references to the famous song in the princess movie. I think the best part about the packaging is the palette looks like a book. It has the title and author on the side and then the edges have a rippled look like a book would have. If you have watched the movie, cartoon or human version, then you know Belle is a huge bookworm and this palette is perfect for representing this aspect in the movie. Of course, all of the eye shadows are given a title that correlates with the movie, my personal favorite is ‘chip in’ which refers to chip. The details in just the setup and packaging of this palette is unbelievably remarkable.

            The eye shadow formula is perfect. It is so light and you are able to blend the eye shadows very well. Usually when eyeshadows have that light texture it is very easy to mess up when doing your makeup because of the fall out and, when you apply a color on top of another, it mixes almost too well. These colors are so easy to blend but you are still able to gently apply a color right on top of another and it will show up perfectly instead of creating a whole new color. I also cannot believe how pigmented these colors are. When I was swatching the colors, I used such a small amount and it was so vibrant that I was in shock. The amount I normally use to just swatch was cut down by half on this palette. I cannot stress to you how light of an amount you need for these colors to show up.

            I will say that usually darker eye shadow colors have a lot more fall out than lighter colors but with this product, the colors that were in the lighter actually had a little bit more fall out. Specifically the color ‘enchanted’ had a little more fall out than all of them in my opinion. That was the only thing I found wrong with this and even that was so minor because almost all eyeshadow palettes have a shade that is going to have some fall out.

            For me this palette ranks as a 10 out of 10 and I am completely in love. I am so sad that this was a limited edition product because I would gladly repurchase this palette for the rest of my life. I would easily make this palette the one I would use for my every day makeup but the deep dark colors also allow you to use it when you are wanting to do a dramatic look. This I just my absolute dream palette. Let me know what your thoughts are about the palette and if you fell in love with it as much as I did.