Casey Holmes Spotlight Palette Review

October 30, 2017

            This palette actually came out a while ago and it was very successful. Casey Holmes has been one of my favorite Youtubers for about two or three years now so when this palette came out I absolutely had to have it. She came out with two highlighter palettes, one was named gold and the other was pearl. When I was reading the reviews, a lot of people said the pearl palette worked better for lighter skin tones while the gold was very pretty on darker skin tones. I have very light skin so that is kind of what persuaded me to purchase the pearl instead of the gold.

            Since this is my favorite Youtuber I knew when I picked up the palette that I was going to be a little bias. I have never worn highlight much before. I was never interested in the intense contour and highlighting makeup phase. That being said, I have bought other highlighters before when I was trying to get in highlighters I just never wore them in public often. That allowed me to have other highlighters that I could compare this one to.

            I fell in love with this palette the minute I swatched the colors, and I am not just saying that because this is Casey’s product. The colors are so beautiful and very vibrant. Also, their shine is incredibly bright. I have owned highlighters that have pieces of glitter and then when there is fall out the glitter will get all over my clothes. These palettes are nothing like those. When you apply the highlighter there is no noticable fall out. Another thing I love about this palette is you only need a small amount but you can also use more to build up the color and shine. If you are going for an everyday look then you only need to apply a little bit but if you want a dramatic look, you can add more and it makes the tone of the highlighters darker and deeper while still being super shiny. When I say shiny, I mean the good kind. One of the reasons I do not like highlighters is because they make me look shiny as in oily and sweaty. When you apply this highlighter, it looks completely intentional. It brightens up your face, and, especially in the sun, it looks gorgeous.

            I personally love this palette and, because I don’t wear highlighter consistently, I like to use these shades as eyeshadows as well. The shades work really well as eyeshadows. I don’t find them smudging and they are also very easy to blend with other eyeshadows. If you own the palette, let me know your opinion on it. Also, let me know if you prefer the pearl or the gold palette because I have heard really good things about the gold one as well.