Halloween Home Decor

October 3, 2017

            Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday. Not only is it because October is my favorite month, but the weather is changing outside and the colors during this time are beautiful. If I could, I would make October last all year long. I also love the Halloween movies, not the scary ones but the cute Disney ones like Hocus Pocus or Halloweentown. It is no surprise that I would decorate for my favorite time of the year.

            Everything in this blog post was purchased from Target, Big Lots, and TJ Maxx. Most of the purchases were made from Target though. Everything was also inexpensive. The purchases from Target came from the dollar section and the purchases at the other stores were under five dollars per item. I believe the only thing that exceeded five dollars was the pumpkin lights which were twelve dollars at Big Lots.

            Halloween and Christmas are the two seasons I like to go all out for. I hope this post has inspired you to decorate for the holidays or at least get in the festive mood. Just a few more weeks until everyone is trick or treating!