How I Organize My Planner | Fall 2017

            I have been using planners for years now and it has taken me a while to find the right method of organization that works for me. Often I will grow tired of my planner or it will get very unorganized to the point where I do not want to open it. Then, I will try to use a different method, such as just a to-do list, but it never works and  I return back to my boring planner. Over the summer, I watched a ton of videos to see how other people use their planners and what continues motivate them to keep up with it. I have noticed that when I get lazy and just try to write everything down, like are due or days that I have tests, I stop using it. I am not sure why this happens but if everything is colorful and well organized, then it motivates me to continue to use it, and it motivates me to get all of my to-dos completed.

            Every weekend, I choose to set aside 15 to 30 minutes strictly for organizing my planner. The first thing I will do is get a post it note or just some scratch paper and write down everything I have for that following week. I will write down exam dates, due dates, events I have, and all of the homework I need to complete. I will go through this list and transfer all of it over to my planner by putting what event goes with what day. Then, I will go through my homework and write it down as to-dos for about three days before the assigned due date just so that I do not have any last minute crunching to do, or I don’t find myself having to pull an all-nighter because I didn’t organize accordingly.

           The second thing I will do is make it look pretty. When I am transferring everything over, I will use a color coded system that I have found works best for me. My brain has always worked well with colors, even when I was a kid I would go high lighter crazy and there would be less words than highlighter on a page. If you do not like colors and you find them to irritate you instead of help you, then you can stick to black and blue ink. 

           The third thing I will do is add some stickers. Not only does this make my planner look cute but it is a key reason as to why I keep returning to use my planner. I have always been a visual person so when I’m flipping through my planner and I see I put a sticker down with a motivational quote, I know that I have something important that day whether it be an exam or a presentation. Every time I go to see what I have planned for the current day, I know that when I open my planner it is going to be well organized and have super cute and fun stickers.

            These stickers were very inexpensive and I bought them off of Amazon! I included photos of some of the sticker pages just so you can get a feel for what comes in the package and to see if you think the stickers are something you would want use. Please remember that everyone is different and a way that helps me organize may make your brain scream. But I do hope this post inspired you to get your life organized especially with the use of a planner!