How I Organize My Room | Room Tour

October 17, 2017

      I have always loved decorating and for a small part of my life I contemplated becoming an interior designer, but that dream did slowly passed. Still, decorating is a favorite hobby of mine. I love to change up my room quiet often. If something is the same for too long it either becomes boring or irritating. Usually I like to change my room after an event such as school ending or anything like that but I do also like to change it just because I feel it has been too long without some type of change. I also love to decorate my room for different seasons such has Halloween and Christmas. This room tour is without any of the seasonal decorations. My favorite color is pink so of course that is going to be a major color in my room. I also like to describe my style as bohemian and shabby chic but I know that some people might not feel the same way. I do like light colors and flowy decorations. I also have a little dog who makes an appearance in some of the photos, and I have a bookcase stacked with some books because reading is another favorite hobbies of mine. 

            I think my favorite parts of my room is my tapestry, the shelf on the corner that holds my high school diploma, and the cross on my dresser. The cross was actually given to me by one of my good friends at Christmas one year and it is still one of my favorite presents of all time. I absolutely love it and I really wanted to make it the focus point on my dresser other than the huge mirror behind it. I hope that you enjoyed my room and it gave you some inspiration for your own space. It is very girly so I know that it is not for everyone.