'How To' Have the Perfect Fall | Fall Bucketlist

            Even though fall officially began in late September, I don’t count the start of fall until October 1st. Not only is fall the best season of them all, but October is the best month of the entire year. It is time to have orange everywhere, pumpkin in every food dish, and dark makeup looks. What is fall without a list full of stuff we need to complete before it is time to prepare for Christmas?

Have a Picnic.
The weather is changing and it is finally cooling down enough to where you actually enjoy staying outside instead of it making you feel like you’re about to die from overheating. It is time to embrace the falling leaves by bringing your closest friends and a basket full of food to the nearest park and enjoy a picnic together. Picnics are so much fun and they include two of my favorite things, food and good people. The great thing about picnics is you don’t have to include friends if you don’t want to. Picnics are a great source for alone time. Just be sure to pack up a good book with your food. If you own a dog, you could even bring your dog with you!

Make a Fall Playlist.
Is it really fall time if you do not have a playlist for the season? During the fall time, I like to listen to a lot more acoustic songs. I do have a fall playlist on Spotify that you can find here. See what kind of music you have been listening to lately and then make a playlist for the season full of cozy songs and songs you’ve been loving. I like to listen to my fall playlist in the morning because it really gets me into the fall mood, and it gets me ready for all the pumpkin treats I’m about to endure. 

Watch Halloween Movies.
The thing that really gets me in the fall time spirit is Halloween movies. I personally love the family movies from Disney like Hocus Pocus or all of the Halloweentown movies. I included a list of my go to movies that are on repeat all throughout October. I know that Halloween is known as the spooky time of the year so a few of my favorite scary movies to watch to prepare for Halloween is Scream, Scream the TV Show, The Uninvited, Amityville Horror Movie, and Carrie.

Autumn (Amateur) Photoshoot.
The most beautiful time for me is fall time. I love all the colors that fall brings and this is why something you must do is have a fall photoshoot. Now, you don’t need to go hire a professional photographer or anything like that. All you need is a cute outfit, a cell phone, and a good friend. The best part about this is you can explore your town or just take photos in your backyard. It is such a fun and easy task to do this fall.

Visit a Pumpkin Patch.
October is time for pumpkins including pumpkin spice everything. It is only right, and a must, that you go and visit a pumpkin patch. This is another activity that you can either do with a friend or on your own. I know around where I live, all the big churches have a pumpkin patch on their land all month long which makes it easy to find a place to pick a pumpkin.

Paint a Pumpkin.
After you have picked out your pumpkin, it is time to decorate it. This topic can either be paint a pumpkin or carve pumpkins, whichever one works for you. I for one hate getting messy, and I would rather paint than have the inside of a pumpkin all over my hands. I also am not handy with a knife but I am good with a paint brush! You can write, add graphics, or simply do anything that adds d├ęcor to the pumpkin. Then you can proudly show off your pumpkin on Instagram or by putting it somewhere around the house.

Decorate for Fall.
I actually did a whole haul on all the decorations I purchased to spice up my place for the fall time. Halloween is 100% my favorite holiday and I love to make it feel like Halloween all the time. I love decorating for October so much that I began to decorate in early September. How can you be sad about summer ending when you are surrounded by pumpkins? You can click here to see my fall haul.

Eat All the Festive Treats.
The best part about the fall time is all the treats such as pumpkin spice everything, candy corn, pumpkin bread, and warm apple cider. I love pumpkin treats and since October is the unofficial official pumpkin food month, it is time to eat all the pumpkins! Pumpkin spice lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin spice smoothies, and, the classic favorite, pumpkin pie. If you really want to get in the fall spirit, just eat something with pumpkin in it, that is if you like pumpkin!

Fall Candles.
I don’t know about you but my favorite scented candles are the fall candles. I have always loved the warm scents, and I love walking in and my apartment smelling like a bakery. Bath and Body Works is known to have the best candles, and I did a fall candle haul that you can click here to see my favorite fall candles from B&BW, but you can find  fall candles anywhere including Target. Pumpkin, vanilla, fireside, and so much more scents work for the fall time. Just look for scents that have a warm and inviting smell.

Halloween is best known for the costumes and trick or treating. Dressing up was always the best part about this time of year. There are a few options to keep those traditions alive even if you have outgrown trick or treating. There are costume parties you can attend. If you don’t know anyone who is throwing one, throw your own! If parties are not your thing, there is always events going on around town that encourage you to dress up for Halloween. And if you don’t necessarily want to dress up yourself, you can always dress up your pups and take them to an event for dogs!

            The most important thing about fall is to just feel cozy. I know if you are in school this time can seem stressful but don’t forget to pour yourself a hot beverage and eat a piece of unhealthy pumpkin treats. Take some time to breathe and relax even if it is just for a second.