How to Whiten Your Teeth at Home!

October 2, 2017

I have always had dull colored teeth. They’ve never been yellow but they have not exactly been the shining white color you see on TV. I was never insecure about my teeth but that did not stop me from trying ways to improve the color, such as the whitening strips that you find by the toothpaste in the stores. Nothing has ever worked for me and that was when I began to turn to natural home remedies. I found one that really works for me. I used this method a week and a few days before my high school graduation and even my mom could see the difference. My teeth were much whiter whenever I did this.

What You Are Going to Need:
·        Baking soda
·        Coconut Oil
·        Lemon Juice
·        Small container
·        A new and unused tooth brush

            In the small container, add in a little bit less than a teaspoon of coconut oil. Then, add a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon lemon juice. If you want to create more or less, just make sure the quantity of the lemon juice matches the quantity of the baking soda. When all the ingredients are added, the substance will fizz for a second. Let it calm down and then stir all the ingredients together. You are going to want to do this until it becomes a thick paste like texture. Put your new creation onto your toothbrush and then spread it on your teeth. You are only going to want to put this on the teeth in the front that are visible. You should wait for one minute with the paste on your teeth before you rinse your mouth with lukewarm water. 

            You are not going to see a difference in the color for a few days. That is completely normal. When I used this method, I would do this two to three times a week just to keep up the level of brightness. It does last a while so if you were to build up a color you like, you can leave it and it should be constant for about a month or two. The time it lasts also depends on what you are eating and drinking. Coffee and tea are prone to staining teeth so the color will wear off sooner if you are consuming those beverages frequently along with any other food that naturally stains teeth.