My Pamper Routine!

October 23, 2017

            Once a week I like to do something to destress from the previous, hectic, week I had and one of my favorite things to do is to set away time for recharging. Obviously it is not reasonable to go to a spa once a week, so instead I like to do an ‘at home’ spa day, at least my version of one. I tend to do this on Sundays when I am doing my ‘get my life together’ routine. It is just nice to put away about two hours and focus on relaxing, especially when you are about to have a busy week and have zero time to settle down or you just finished an exhausting week.

            The first thing I like to do to kick off my pamper routine is to make a cup of coffee or a cup of tea. Any hot beverage is a favorite of mine and it helps to allow me to relax. Right after this, I will run a bath and add in all of the things that make it festive such as bath salts, bubbles, and bath bombs. I also like to add some candles around the bathtub just to give it a more calm vibe. When in the bath I typically get on my phone and watch YouTube videos or I will read a book. During my bath, I will also put a hair mask throughout my hair and shave.

            Right after my bath/shower, it is all about the skin care. I will put on a facemask for about 20 minutes and then also put some skin cream treatment products on. I also like to whiten my teeth when doing my skin care routine because it makes me feel completely clean. The last little part, which is the longest, is I will brush out my hair, blow dry it, and I will either straighten or curl it. I know that this might seem a little boring but I like to put on Netflix to help pass the time by catching up on whatever show I am currently watching.

            The main focus on a pamper routine is just the self-care. It is a time to clean and take care of every inch of your physical body but it also gives you time to relax and allow your mind to not worry about everything you have going on. I personally love my pamper routine because it recharges me. I could feel so stressed, and so worn out, but after this little time to myself, where I am really focusing solely on me, I am completely ready to begin my upcoming week no matter how difficult or busy I know it may be.