Obsidian | Review

            After her father lost his battle to cancer, Katy and her mom decide to move from their home in Florida to West Virginia in order to get a fresh start. Katy never has been the social type. She would always be found with her nose in a book or writing a review of a book on her blog. But her mom pushes her to make friends and suggests to go next door and talk to her neighbors that are her age. She takes her mom’s advice, but the guy who opens the door doesn’t take to kind to Katy. Daemon wants nothing to do with Katy and he makes it very clear to her and to everyone else around. But the problem is his sister is quickly becoming best friends with the new girl. Daemon cannot escape her presence even though he constantly tries to push her away from him and his family. But strange things are occurring in this town and Katy begins to wonder if Daemon and Dee know more, or are more, than what they are willing to say.

            Let me start out by saying, woah. This book was a rollercoaster but it was great ride. You have the constant struggle of Daemon pushing Katy away and Katy standing her ground. It takes a long time for Daemon to warm up to Katy and it takes an even longer time for Katy to accept Daemon into her life. Deep down, even though she does not want to admit it, Katy does know she cares about him. If she didn’t she would not have risked her life multiple times for the siblings.  The connection between Daemon and Katy is so strong. They continue to bicker back and forth but it’s the kind that you almost smile at because you know the emotions behind the words. From the very beginning, they had a constant pull towards each other but they both fought it. Everything Daemon did to keep Katy out of this was for nothing the moment Katy is rescued by him. And what Katy learns freaks her out but not enough to give up on the two people she trusts the most. Katy is about to enter a world she never knew existed and Daemon doesn’t want her anywhere near it because he knows she will be in danger. He cares so much for her, and always had, but it was always masked with sarcasm and insults.

            I absolutely loved this book. I love Katy and Daemon’s not real relationship and Katy’s friendship with Dee. I like how the book does revolve around Katy and Daemon but you still get major sections of just Katy and Dee. Katy doesn’t know but Dee is constantly trying to play matchmaker for her brother and she wants Katy to be the girl for him. Dee is always planning something or getting her way. The girl probably would be a queen in a different life because of how bossy and stubborn she is. Katy never cares though. She is just happy to be Dee’s friend. I do really like that Katy is a book blogger. It makes her seem more real. I also share her connection with books so it was very easy to relate to her.

I would highly recommend this book if you are looking for a little bit of a cheesy romance novel but you are still really, REALLY, into action. If there is not a fight scene, then someone is about to get hit by a truck. There is always something going on.

            (spoilers.) If you have read the book, or you do not mind me spoiling sections for you, then you know that Daemon and his family actually are aliens. I was never into sci fi books. I was always into romance or action novels but the books revolve around humans. I think this was the first book that the whole alien thing didn’t freak me out. Daemon and Dee are different but their values are still the same as humans so it wasn’t weird. You really forget they’re even aliens unless they begin to glow. Also, as much as I loved the back and forth with Daemon and Katy, it was irritating when Daemon would heal her or save her life and then become closed off from her. He cared about her but didn’t want her to get hurt even though he had already exposed her to his world. I do like the fact that Katy was such a strong girl. In the beginning she is very kept to herself and in the end she is fighting back to Daemon and anyone else who wants to criticizes her, including Ash. Speaking of Ash, this girl got on all of my nerves. She was always trying to show Katy that Daemon was hers and that she was a much more better match for him. But Katy never really lets Ash get under her skin, except the time she dumps pasta on her, because she is constantly denied any type of emotion for Daemon.

            In the end, we have the ultimate battle between the Arum and Katy. This scene had my heart pounding. The second you think Katy is okay, it is revealed that Dee or Daemon is hurt. There was so much going on that you couldn’t keep up with who was okay and who was wounded and that would fueled the anxiety in you. In the very end, after Katy saves everyone and then Daemon has successfully saves Katy, he finally gives into his feelings and tells Katy he likes her but she rejects him because of how he had treated her in the beginning. But he says he likes a challenge and plans to one day be in a relationship with Katy.

            This has quickly and officially become one of my favorite book series (mortal instruments is still number one in my heart though). I have read all of these books with a week and I loved each one. There were parts that tore me up and parts that made me completely happy. And scenes that I wish would have never happened. But the entire series is glorious. The first book does have a special place in my heart though and it might even be my favorite out of the entire series.