Opal | Review

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            Katy and Daemon are finally together, but unfortunately that does not make everything right in the world. Dawson has come back home and if he is still alive, then that means the love of his life who he mutated a while ago has to be alive as well. He knows Beth is alive and there is nothing stopping him from finding her. Well, except for Katy and Daemon. They do not necessarily stop him but make a deal to help him get Beth back if he gives them time to form a plan. On top of forming mission impossible, they still have Blake and Will to worry about along with the DOD. But what matters is Katy and Daemon are in it together.

            This has to be my favorite book in the series that is until the ending of the book. This book ends abruptly with a huge cliffhanger that will have you rocking in a fetal position for an hour. Trust me. Katy and Daemon are finally together and that makes my heart so happy. He protects her and loves her but he also allows her to be her nerdy and independent self which, props to Daemon. Everyone deserves a Daemon. Although much is happening with Dawson being back, Daemon continues to find time for Katy, even if it is for only a few minutes or for an hour. You need to read this book. You’re going to feel so many emotions such as happiness, love, heartache, heartbreak, and even straight pain. But it is all done in a beautiful way and when you read the ending to this book you will be immediately switching to the forth. Just a warning, have the forth book in hand before finishing Opal.

            (spoilers.) There is so much to talk about with this book that I do not even know where to start. So, let’s start with Will, random since Will really doesn’t come back until closer to the end but I have system, I promise. Will comes back and the mutation from Daemon was not only unsuccessful, but it also caused his cancer to come back and be more toxic than before. He knows Daemon knew what he was doing when he ‘healed’ Will and now Will wants revenge. He states that he wishes he could kill Katy so Daemon would lose the one thing he loves the most but he knows that if Katy dies, Daemon dies. So instead he chooses to just kill Katy and Daemon dying will be a bit of a bonus. Katy intercepts the gun and kills Will but not before Will shoots Katy without her realizing what is happening. Dee rushes over to Katy’s house after hearing something is wrong with Daemon and she is the one who finds Katy dying. Luckily, Daemon is rushed to Katy and saves her seconds before her death. As heart racing as this scene is, it was important because this scene is what brings Dee and Katy back together. For most of the novel Dee constantly pushes Katy away after what happened with Adam, but when Dee sees Katy almost die, she regrets her past actions against Katy. Katy was, and is, always going to be best friends with Dee even after having long periods of disagreement.

            Speaking of friendships, let’s talk about Carissa. It seems Katy loses everyone in this novel except for Daemon and Lissa. I will say if one of Katy’s other friends (friends outside of the Black family) had to die, I am glad it was Carissa over Lissa because we get closer to Lissa than we do with the other girl. But it was such a sad moment to find out she was corrupted because she was always the innocent one and would have never of asked to be a part of that world.

            Blake’s turn, and if you have read the book then your heart rate just spiked and you are rolling your eyes. Blake comes back begging for help to rescue his friend and says his friend is in the same location as Beth so naturally they accept to help him. Blake irritated me so much in this book and I didn’t think he could irritate me more than the last book. He slept in Katy’s bed without an invite nor did he even tell her and then he betrayed all of them in the end.

            The last thing we need to discuss is Daemon. We see his and Katy’s relationship grow more now than ever, and we see he really does love her. He would do anything to protect her or shower her with love. They have disagreements but nothing too major. By the  end of the day they are still very much in love. And then we reach the end. Although the gang saved Beth, they all make it out of the gate except for Katy, and there is nothing they can do about it. Blake set them up knowing that Katy would be captured. Daemon is devastated and he shouts to her that he will find her and get her back and that he loves her so much. Then the gate closes and Katy whispers I love you back but she knows he won’t be able to hear her. Heartbreaking, I know. Even recapping that was painful. By far the best cliffhanger out of the series but also the most heartbreaking one as well. I -may- have slipped a tear because we are left to know that Katy has been captured by the same people who captured Beth and we know they’re going to torture Katy the same as they did with Beth.

            Even though the ending completely ripped my heart out and stomped on it, I loved this book. And it is mostly because this is the most affection we get with Daemon and Katy. You have to read this book, but get tissues and the forth book immediately. This one, and the first, have to be my favorite so far and this book had me falling in love with this series even more.