How I Organize My Pantry | Pantry Tour

            Hello everyone! When I started going to college out here in the city I ended up moving from my dorm to an apartment during my freshman year. My old apartment, before the dorm, did not have much of a pantry and then, of course, my dorm did not either. So, when I moved into this apartment that had a much larger pantry than what I was used to, I was so excited to fill it with all the goodies and show how I organize it. So here are some photos of how I organize my entire pantry brought to you by my excitement.

First Shelf.
On this shelf, I keep it very simple. In the very back is storage for all the cookie plates and Christmas cookie bins that we only use four days out of the entire year. I also keep extra place mats that we are not using. In the front of it, I have all of my protein shakes and meal replacement shakes. Next to those, I have two boxes of oatmeal.

Second Shelf.
The second shelf contains snacks and everything for coffee and tea. One side has snacks like cereal bars and extra baking stuff such as a bag of flour or sugar. The other side has my little sliding Keurig container that holds pods of the teas I drink and then next to it I have two boxes of coffee pods because I drink so much coffee. I also store the creamer next to this just to keep all the coffee stuff together.

Third Shelf.
The third shelf is not all that exciting. It just holds any canned goods along with jars of pasta sauce and noodles. It has everything one needs to make tacos, including taco shells, and pasta. This is also the shelf I visit mostly around December when people do the can donations.

Fourth Shelf.
On this shelf, I have my dog treats and dog bones for my two little puppies. I also have little Ziploc bags in different sizes. Behind this, there are trash bags and Walmart bags just in case I were to need them.

Fifth Shelf.
This last ‘shelf’ is actually just the floor. There is this big grey container on it that has my dogs' food in it. Next to the container there are just a lot of paper towel rolls.

Although my pantry is the biggest one I have had in about four years, I still have a cabinet with all of the mason jars that I use as storage. They hold literally everything from flour to sugar to nuts and even marshmallows.

            I love my new pantry so much and I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into my kitchen. I think this might actually be my favorite part of the kitchen especially with the mason jars. I love the look of the cabinet with the way it is all stored.