'How To' Stop Caring About What People Think.

“The unhappiest people in the world, are those who care more about what other people think.”
-C. JoyBell C.

Sometimes it is important to care about what people think about you. Certain people need to be impressed by you, but these people are the ones who are important to your life like you’re parents or the boss to your dream job. But some people’s opinions should never have any effect on you. The hardest thing you will ever have to conquer is to stop listening to other people’s opinions on you. Other people’s beliefs and opinions are such a dangerous tool because of the effect they can have on your life, if you were to believe them. Once you start believing what people think of you to be true, then you fall victim to having the same opinions on yourself as they do. And that could ultimately destroy you. If someone constantly says you will amount to nothing and you start believing them, then you will never fight and go on to achieve what you want. It is so exhausting to try to please every single person out there. It not only takes energy out of you, but so much brain power that could be used for bigger and better things. It’s easier to know that you should not care what other people think of you, but it is very difficult to get to the point where you can truthfully say you do not care.

Realize Those People Do Not Have a Big Impact In Your Life.
In sixth grade, I signed up for theatre class at my junior high. Since everyone in that class had never done a performance in front of a crowd before, the first lesson was on getting over stage fright. We did little exercises where half of the class would sit at their desks and the other half would just stand in the front of the classroom. There was no movement or reciting lines, just standing. And even that seemed to be a battle while having 14 pairs of eyes on you.  At the end of the class, our teacher sat down and asked us, "why are we so scared about the opinions of others?" She told us, "these people would never be the one that bought us our first car or hired us for the job we worked all through college to get. These people wouldn’t even remember us in 8 years let alone 2 weeks from now. So why were we so nervous to mess up? You can mess up over and over again but if you continue to get up and try over again, then those people are going to look at us different, in a more positive manner, than if we had stayed down when we were knocked to the floor. If these people had no significant impact in our lives, then why would we waste our time trying to please them?"

I never knew how much those words would affect me. Whenever I am in an embarrassing situation, I think about how these people won’t remember this event in a few days, let alone remember what I looked like. And that would give me the boost of confidence to walk out of that situation with my head held high, as if the event didn’t affect me at all.

Trust Yourself.
This is one of the hardest things anyone can ever achieve. Self-trust is making your own decisions knowing they’re what you need in life. You’re going to come into contact with situations where you feel divided, and those are the moments that you need to breakdown the outcomes to choose which path you feel is the best fit for you. Stop looking for validation from others when it comes to what to wear or what to do. I can tell you the girl in a unique outfit with confidence is always going to look better than the girl who is conflicted with her outfit choice. Confidence is everything. It is what stables your mind, and it also makes you look more appealing. You can do, and be, anything as long as you have confidence in yourself. To fully achieve self-trust means you have enough confidence in yourself that you wouldn’t care what someone else thought about you because you are already filling your mind with positive thoughts about yourself. It is so hard for us to fully trust ourselves because we have been conditioned in society to believe someone else always knows best. But how can someone’s opinion on what you should look like and how you should act be more important, and more correct, than your own? If you love yourself, and you trust your judgement, then other people’s opinions will never be allowed to enter your mind.

Stop Being Afraid To Make Bad Decisions.
There are so many people who don’t want to try at something because they’re afraid that they will make a bad decision and fail. The majority of the time that you are listening to other people’s opinions on you is when you are in the process of making a decision, whether it is picking out an outfit or choosing a hobby. You need to come to a decision alone. What do you like? Do that. Don’t do something that someone else thinks is a better fit for you. Only you know you, it is important to make your own decisions because any decision you make is a part of the process of embracing yourself. You can never reach your full potential and because your own person if you are doing something others are telling you to do.

People crave freedom but seem to never want it. Instead, they are tied down by the opinions of others. Understand that you are your own person. You have the freedom to be yourself, and love yourself, and there is no good reason to not take advantage of that. People are always going to have something to say about you, whether it is positive or negative. But what changes the game is when you decide to not care about it. When you can trust yourself and not rely on other people’s opinions, that’s when you begin the journey to being 100% yourself.