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“Did you think you could stop me? I'll burn the world down to save her.”

            Katy has been taken and Daemon is losing his mind not knowing where she is. The love of his life could be hurt and scared right now and he cannot do a single thing about it. But he is determined to find her. He loves her so much that he would do anything to be with her, including the famous words Daemon says, “I would burn down the world to find her”, which includes turning himself in to the government if it means he gets to stay in the same facility as Katy. But that means leaving his family, Dee and Dawson, and they would never let him leave them behind.

            I must say, I was expecting to be bored and have a repeat of all the feelings from book 2 when Daemon and Katy were not together, and not that long before Daemon joined Katy at the facility. In the meantime, we see the government try to brainwash Katy against the Luxens, which she would never allow to happen. The last book had heavy Daemon and Katy scenes through the entire book but this one, the second half you see Daemon and Katy’s relationship evolve even more and they refuse to be even feet away from each other. This book is the first book that kind of feels more mature and detached from the series and I think it is because we leave the houses belonging to Katy and Daemon where their story had begun. We leave a major scenery behind and the whole book kind of feels different than the others, but still, the story works well in the series and is a great book. Still a little bit of a cliffhanger at the end but not as bad as the one in the previous book.

            (spoilers.) I’m not going to deny it, I mostly skimmed the beginning until Daemon arrived and then I skimmed until they were free from the government. I read all of it, I just read those parts particularly faster. I was so worried that Katy would believe the lies the government told her and I thought she might lose her humanity because of the fighting she had to do. She never fought back until it was Blake she was up against.

            I have already expressed my hatred for Blake in previous book reviews so it is safe to say I didn’t feel much towards him when he died. He did nag her on and even went as far as to blame Daemon for Katy’s current situation when it was Blake’s fault that she was captured. But I did feel for Katy. When Daemon arrives she tells him what she has done and that she didn’t feel anything towards the killing. She tells him she would do it again and she believes that makes her no better than Blake. She believes it makes her a monster.

            Archer, if Daemon was not present than I think Archer would have stolen the show. I wanted to hate him because he worked for the government, and he specifically worked to keep Katy detained. But he had a big heart. Blake couldn’t care less that Katy had not eaten in days but Archer was the one that demanded she eat before she did anything. I understand why he had to hold Katy down against her will at times or why he was so strict towards Katy, because he had a job to do. He had been trained since birth to work for the government that it was actually a shock he went against the government and escaped with the Katy and Daemon. I love that he ends up with Dee. She just lost Adam and right now she needs someone to talk to after losing her best friend and brother for months. Archer was honestly the perfect guy for her too. Even though Daemon did not approve of their relationship.

            Let’s talk about one of my favorite scenes from this book, the marriage between Katy and Daemon. Now I will say that I was a tad disappointed there was no ring or that they didn’t tell anyone about the marriage but they did have their papers and that is what truly mattered. I love this scene. Daemon hinted in previous chapters that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Katy but when he finally proposed, as cheesy and unromantic as it was, it was perfect. I also love that she got married in her shirt that said ‘my blog is better than your vlog’ because not only was it the shirt she wore when Daemon first met her, but it drew in the normal side of her. Her blog was everything to her and while she currently couldn’t blog, it was a nice reminder to who Katy was, an average girl who fell in love with a strange boy.

            The ending was a shock. I knew what the last book was about but I did not expect the Luxen to arrive at the end of this book. I really am not that excited about the Luxen arriving nor am I excited to read the fifth book because I don’t want to see Daemon betray Katy and I highly doubt he will go against his own kind. This ending made my heart drop and, even though I am dreading to read the last book, it made me more excited to begin the last book.

            I recommend you read this book. I know the beginning can drag on a tad bit but about half way into the book you get to the good part and I have read the second half of this book fully about twice because I loved it but the second time I read it I did avoid the last chapter because of that ending.