Shadows | Review

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"Love of sugar had to mean true love. It just had to."

            Girl meets boy, girl likes boy, girl doesn’t know that the guy she has fallen for is hiding a huge secret. Here is a hint, he is not human. When Bethany moves to a new city, she doesn’t expect for anything to change other than her zip code. She could have never seen herself falling for a guy she barely knows while his creepy friends stare her down whenever he is around her. He changes her whole life, and it might actually be for the worse.

            While I have been writing about all of the books in the Lux series, this post in no exception. But, instead of focusing on Daemon and Katy’s story, this book revolves around Daemon’s older brother Dawson and his love interest, Bethany. This book is technically a prequel to this series because it takes place before Dawson and Bethany go missing and Katy comes to town. I chose to talk about this book after the third book because in the third book Dawson and Bethany are reunited at the expense of losing Katy. I personally would recommend to read this book after the third one instead of waiting until you finish the series.

            (Spoilers). Dawson and Bethany’s story is somewhat similar to Katy and Daemon’s, but it does has a ton of differences as well. Dawson and Bethany meet because Bethany is the new girl at their school, just like how Katy was. But Dawson’s attitude towards Bethany is very different than how Daemon viewed Katy. From the very beginning Dawson is attracted to Bethany and acts on it despite knowing humans will only put his kind in danger. Their story is a bit more heartwarming and cliché compare to Daemon and Katy’s. But at the same time, it isn’t as passionate as Katy and Daemon’s.

            The problem I had with this was it lacked depth. I kept waiting for the screaming matches or the epic fight scenes that were in the other Lux books. This one, compared to the other books in this series, was a little more dry. It felt very predictable and I never formed a connection with any of the new characters. I also was expecting to figure out some untold secrets about Dawson and Bethany that none of the other books allowed us to know. But that wasn’t the case. I was almost disappointed because I had such high expectations. That being said, this book was still good. The majority of the reason why I was let down was because I was comparing it to the other three books in the Lux series. If you look at it alone, this book was great.

            If you are loving the Lux series, then I highly recommend you read this book. I also recommend it to not be the first book you read of the series. I think the perfect placement for it is after the third book, but it really works at any place after the first book. Dawson and Bethany’s relationship does not even compare to Daemon and Katy’s but it is still good to have some insight to what had happened to the two. Daemon swore off humans after his brother went missing and in this book you get to see just what had happened that caused everything else to be the way it was.