How I Plan : All About My 2018 Planner

The first thing about planning is figuring out what works best for you. For me, I have this time sheet planner that I don’t use as a time sheet. Instead, I separate the first half for life stuff and the second half for school. I also found these stickers from amazon to jazz it up a bit and make it a little bit cuter.

The first thing I will write down is anything that has a specific time. This can be class time, doctor appointments, meetings, and events. The second thing I will write down is my to-do list and my workout. I don’t write anything to specific, just the fact that on this day I have to do this and on this day I have to work out.

On the second half, the first thing I have is three slots for any homework due, project deadlines, quizzes, or tests. Then, I have a long strip that allows me to write 5 to 6 homework to do’s. This is where I will write what homework, reading, or studying I want to do that night. I will also write down when I will make certain study material depending on what some classes need. This section is strictly school.

I have also included two photos. The first photo is showing the basic outline of how I use my planner. The second photo shows what my planner looks set up. Since I wrote this blog post before I had gone back to school, there is currently a lot of blank space. But, when I am actually using my planner, it is very packed.