How to Put God First.

            I was looking back at a few goal lists I had in the previous years, and it seems that a New Year’s resolution for me that keeps occurring is to become closer to God. Yet, every year I tend to stray away or nothing changes. So, instead of just adding this to another New Year’s resolutions list, I thought that maybe this time I needed to write out exactly how I plan on becoming closer to God. Wanting to get closer to God and actively trying to get closer to God will have two different end results.

Pray Every Night/Day.
I know some days are harder to pray than others. But those are the days we need to pray the most. God isn’t here to analyze every prayer and look for grammatical mistakes. He just wants a conversation with us. Whether it is for 15 minutes or an hour, take time to talk to God no matter what is going on in your life. If you’re happy, tell Him why and give thanks. If you’re going through a difficult time, tell Him what is going on. Ask the hard questions that you know your friends either couldn’t, or wouldn’t, answer. Prayers aren’t meant to be perfection. Sometimes, the best prayers are the ones that are messy and scattered. Remember to pray in the midst of chaos and when there is complete silence.

Have Worship Time.
Everyday, have a time where you’re participating in worship. This could be singing, dancing, listening to Christian music, having a solo Christian concert in your car on your way to work, reading the bible, or having a 5 minute devotional session by reading a scripture from the bible, or even Pinterest. I will admit that I was a lot better at this in high school. On my way to school I used to jam out to my local Christian radio station, and it was actually something I would look forward to, But then in college, I lived in the dorms. Thus ending my mini Christian car concerts. I no longer live on campus but the habit is still no longer there. The point is, this could be something simple that will have a big impact on our lives. Yet, we tend to not do it. Try to put this time in your schedule no matter how busy your day seems. I promise this small change can make your day 10 times brighter.

Participate In a Christian Group.

In high school, we had this club called Youth for Christ where we would bring in our parents or pastors, or even some of the kids in club, to speak. They would tell their testimonies or life lessons that they learned involving God. This was one of my favorite clubs I ever participated in, and I was very involved with a lot of different clubs. To just be in a room with people who are actively wanting God in their life, it was the best feeling and the best way to start a Friday morning. If you do not have this club at your school, or you’re no longer in high school, find a church or a group of friends who are also wanting to deepen their relationship with God. You can create a bible study group. Or, go on YouTube and watch ‘spoken word’ videos. I lived off of these videos when I started college and did not know anyone in the beginning. It really helps because you’re learning about God while realizing you’re not alone. These thoughts you keep having, these situations that keep haunting you, someone else is, or has, gone through the same thing and it’s comforting to know that it isn’t just you.