Huge Winter Book Haul

            Recently I went on a little online book hunt before black Friday, which was a bad call on my part because on black Friday I received all the sales information from the thrift bookstores I had previously visited. As I’m scrolling through the endless page of book titles, it was kind of one of those moments where I blacked out and then regained consciousness during checkout when I was typing in my credit card information. But the point is, I didn’t just buy books. I bought all the books. And by all, I mean 18.

Books I Purchased from Thrift Books.

Books I Purchased from Book Outlet.

I did reach for quite the variety during this book shopping trip. I picked up books revolving around royal families and fairy tales, but I also purchased contemporaries and fantasy novels. This book haul has books that could be of interest for all people. This was also one of my largest book purchases, but it was also my most exciting book shopping I have done in a long time.