Jinx | Book Review

Ever since birth, Jean has always had the worst luck possible. That is why everyone in her family calls her Jinx. Wherever she goes, it seams her bad luck follows. After a lot of misfortune back in her hometown, she escapes her mess by moving in with her aunt, uncle, and cousins in New York. Everyone loves Jinx and seems to welcome her, except for her cousin Tory. Tory is hiding a dark secret and pretty soon she’s going to be dragging Jean into it.

            When we first meet Jinx, she is stumbling out of a taxi cab a day earlier than when her family was expecting her to arrive. From the very beginning, Meg Cabot makes Jean’s bad luck known to the audience. But it is hilarious to read. Coming from a girl who is pretty clumsy, it was nice to see the main character as someone who is not completely steady, not perfect. Jean goes on to try to find her place in her family’s household but there is so much tension between her and her cousin Tory.

            Spoilers. Jean is the girl that Tory wants so badly to be but won’t admit it. Let’s just talk about how dramatic Tory is. Now, there is good dramatic and bad dramatic. Tory trying to fake an attempted suicide just to interfere with Jean hanging out with the guy Tory has had a crush on is definitely the bad dramatic type. I usually love the villains in a story, but Tory wasn’t even the type of villain you like, or even love to hate. You just hate her. The way she handles any situation is very immature which is polar opposite compared to Jean.

            Zach and Jean, one word, cute. The whole time Jean thought Zach was in love with Petra, I just wanted to shake her and be like wake up, Zach is in love with you. Even Zach couldn’t believe that Jean was blinded to Zach’s emotions. I will say, when the truth dropped about Dylan, I felt bad for Zach and for Jean. But, Zach handled that situation very maturely, just a few minutes too late.

            Overall this book was a very fast and easy read. If I were to reread it, I would probably do it during the summer, because it flows like a summery read, or October, because the material is perfect for Halloween. This story did leave a small smile on my face when I read the very last page.