Little Black Dress, Little White Lies | Book Review

Harper Anderson is a small town girl in an infamous city found in California. She’s always wanted more than what her sleepy little town could give her. There was only so many small town cliches that could happen until Harper was reaching for something more. And then, she unexpectedly got it. As she sat in the corner at another high school party, she got an unexpected phone call from Shift magazine, letting her know they wanted her to come intern for them over the summer. Her bags were packed in the blink of an eye and her new, temporary, address is now New York City. But her journey as a blogger for an elite magazine isn’t going to be smooth sailing, especially when she’s supposed to be the dating blogger and has never even been on a real date.

This was the first book I read of 2018, and let me tell you, it was cute. I kind of went into this book blind, I had bought it about a month ago and forgot what it was about, but I think it made it 10 times for interesting. I know they say to never judge a book by its cover, but this book cover was too cute not to judge it. When I first started reading this book, it was very cliche. I so badly wanted to dislike it just because it did feel like a teenage read. But by chapter three, I was hooked and ended up finishing this book in two days.

The thing I like about this book was it was a easy read. It was the kind of book that subtly made you feel something, but it never broke your heart. I also really liked the style of the writing. The story is about how Harper has to become a Shift girl and by doing so she needs to be less apologetic and more straight to the point. Harper finds herself but also loses herself all at once.

Spoilers. I did not like how during the book I would feel nervous for Harper as if she was about to do something that could potentially ruin her, for instance with Carter. Carter’s father is a well-respected journalist who owns most of the top magazine companies. Harper, very cliché, falls head over heels for his son who is also a journalist, but she reads too much into their relationship and ends up hurt. She gets out before anything bad can actually happen.

I do love the character Ben. He was very sweet and, let’s face it, he loves dogs. Any boy who loves dogs is literally the perfect boy. Sometimes. While Ben and Harper become friends, Ben begins to feel something for Harper. It isn’t until she is done with Carter that she realizes how much she likes Ben. That being said, there was never any growth or focus on their relationship. The story revolves around Harper and internship, never about her and Ben. The only problem with that was when they end up together, it’s not a big deal. You don’t feel any emotion towards their relationship.

Overall, this book was very cute and very entertaining. I could see myself in the future picking it back up again. I would consider this a perfect spring break or summer read just because of the light and airy tone.