My Favorite Drugstore Winter Lipsticks

January 29, 2018

            I personally dislike the spring time. Maybe it is because the temperature is getting hotter, and I will always choose bundled up weather over heat stroke. That is why I am currently trying to drag out winter for as long as I possibly can. And, in order to do this, I thought it would be great to distract myself with makeup by sharing some of the lipsticks that I tend to wear during this time of the year.

Natural Nymph by E.L.F.
This lipstick is one of my all-time favorite nude colors. I love the formula of this lipstick. It goes on very creamy and soft. It is very moisturizing, and it will last a long time. With that being said, it does come off very easily. If something, for example a napkin, touches your lips, then the color will last a good few hours. If you tend to subconsciously swipe your mouth, be prepared to touch it up a bit more throughout the day.

Mauved by Revlon.
This color is a natural pink, but it has a metallic shine to it. It isn’t shimmery nor does it have glittery specs in it. Instead, it looks more like a shiny pink metal. That being said, the color is light enough that it gives you a little bit of a daring look while still being able to be an everyday lipstick.

Bordeaux Berry by E.L.F.
AH. I found this lipstick back in the fall and I have been obsessed with it ever since. It is the perfect dark color. It doesn’t look gothic nor is it pitch black. Instead, it looks very feminine and almost sophisticated. I have never found a dark lipstick that looks like this. The formula is also great. It goes on very silky and feels very moisturizing.

Divine Wine by Maybelline.
 This has been one of my favorite lipsticks for years now, and I always seem to use it the most during the winter time. It is the perfect, subtle, red color. It is a matte lipstick so it does not have any shimmer or shine to it, but that’s one of the reasons that it looks subtle. I wear this lipstick either at school or out to dinners.

Rocksteady by Urban Decay.
I do like to throw in one higher end brand lipstick into a favorites collection, and for the winter time, Rocksteady is perfect. It is a perfect red color. It has a blue undertone so it doesn’t look extremely red while still being vibrant. It never fails, every time I wear this lipstick I feel like a rebel and the only thing that is missing is a leather jacket.