Too Faced The Best Year Yet Holiday Palettes Review

January 15, 2018

This past holiday season, Too Faced released their holiday collection. And, I personally think it might be their best one yet. This holiday collection comes with three different palettes that are all different from one another. The eyeshadows are split into three different palettes in case you were to want to give them to different people as presents, or you could be like me and just keep them for yourself.

The first palette is ‘I Believe in Pink’. This contains mostly pink shades as well as a deep pink blush and one brown shade. This palette might be my favorite out of the three because I tend to like pink and brown shades more than golds, and the pink shades in this palette are gorgeous. The colors are incredibly vibrant and look amazing. The glittery shades go on so well. When you apply some glittery shades from other palettes, the shimmer is not always very noticeable, but these are very pigmented while still being somewhat subtle.

The second palette is ‘Super Fun Night’. This palette has darker shades for the darker night looks, however, you can still use this palette to create day time looks as well. I personally love this palette because it does have more glittery shades than the other two. The glitter gives it the perfect amount of shimmer to make your eyes gleam without it looking overly glittery. Just because of how dark the shades are, and how glittery, I would probably not use this palette as much as the others. The looks that I would create with this palette would be for special occasions or dinners.

The third palette is ‘Natural Beauty’. This palette and the ‘I Believe in Pink’ palette will probably be the most used out of this collection. The ‘Natural Beauty’ palette have gold and brown shades in it. This palette has the exact shades that I tend to reach for when I do my everyday eyeshadow look. While there are only six shades and a bronzer in this palette, you can still do a ton of different looks. You could do natural looks or you could do a more dramatic version of the natural looks.

The formula for all of the shades in all three palettes is very silky and smooth. All of the shades apply very easily and are very pigmented. Even the lighter, sheer, shades also look amazing. They all have the perfect balance of shimmer which is my favorite part because it’s not always easy to find palettes like this.