Too Faced Holiday Boss Lady Palette Review

January 8, 2018

If you didn’t know already, every year Too Faced releases a holiday collection and this year I think they may have outdone themselves. The Boss Lady agenda Palette has 24 eyeshadows, a blush, a highlighter, and a bronzer. The collection also comes with a sample size Better than Sex mascara and Melted liquid lipstick in the color Sell Out. The collection also comes with a cute little boss lady planner and a zip around planner cover that says “Don’t Let Today Be a Waste of Makeup.”

            When I first saw this palette, I knew I had to have it. It retails for $54 at Sephora. I know this might be hard to believe because I was so obsessed with it when I first saw it, but I decided to wait a little bit before I bought it. I kept debating if I needed this palette because of all the other palettes I have. But, a girl can never have too many eyeshadow palettes. Plus, it’s not like the other palettes had these shades.

            I think what makes this palette so unique is the variety of shades and their intensity. There are darker colors, golden colors, light colors, and even some colorful colors (my personal favorite shade is ‘Unwrap Me’). Even the colors that look like they would be sheer are very vibrant. Certain shades are also very unique. I have not found a palette that could potentially closely resemble this palette. As vibrant as these shades are, they also blend easily.

            Overall, I this palette is amazing. It has quickly become a favorite of mine and has me excited to try new eye shadow looks (which is rare!). I have gotten out of my comfort zone with this palette. All of the shades are so beautiful, and you could do no wrong with mixing and matching them.