Why Is God Not Answering My Prayers?

            We all have moments where we are laying in bed screaming our prayers into the dark, cold, night. And nothing. Nothing happens. In fact, sometimes the situation gets worse. But why? Haven’t I done everything correctly? I lived like He would have wanted me to. I loved like He would have wanted me to. I sinned yet asked for forgiveness. So why is my life crumbling as God sits back, leaving me with unanswered prayers?

            When I was four years old, the day after Christmas, my parents took me to my grandpa’s house. He lived out in the hill country so there was nothing around for miles except a lot of land. His neighbors owned four horses. It just so happened that at four years old, my favorite animal was a horse. So, naturally like any other four year old, I begged to go pet them. Their owners offered me a chance to feed them treats. Long story short, one of the horses wasn’t known for being so friendly, but no one warned me. So when I went to feed him, he mistakenly took my finger for a treat. We had to drive about 30 minutes just to meet the ambulance while what was left of my finger was wrapped in a blue bandana, and then the recovery process was horrid. As you can expect, it was the worst day of my mom’s life. She was the one who had to watch this whole thing happen to her baby girl.

            A few weeks later, we were home and I was well enough to play on my swing set in our backyard. My mom was talking to me as I ran around. She asked, “Why did this have to happen? Where was God?” Four year old innocent Remington responded with, “Maybe He was busy. Maybe He went to the store. Or maybe He was having a meeting with His angels, and He was distracted.” But, I was wrong. And I didn’t find out until I was much older.

            The truth is, God was there. He was the one who made sure there was no traffic so that the ambulance could get to me. He was the one who provided the doctors and nurses who knew just what to do. He was the one who led me to finding one of the best hand doctors even though we didn’t know it at the time. He was there, making sure things didn’t get worst than what they did. But He also had a plan for me, and, as much as we don’t want bad things to happen, they sometimes need to happen.

            Four year old Remington was a very trusting girl who loved all types of animals. I was never afraid of any type of animal. Even when I got my finger bitten off by a horse, I still loved animals. I still wanted to care for them and one day, hopefully, have my own small farm. But this did make me more cautious of animals. I don’t think the experience traumatized me as much as most people would think. I personally do not think it traumatize me at all. But I did learn that, just like people, not all animals are good. Not all animals want to be my friend no matter how much I would want them to be. I did have to work a little harder when I chose the one instrument (piano) that would I would have a little bit more difficulty without my finger. I’m not 100% sure why the accident had to happen. I just know it did because for some reason it needed to. But I also know a lot more could have been worse. I don’t always agree with God’s plan. I may never know God’s plan or why somethings happen. But I trust Him. And I trust His plan for me.

            We all go through struggles. Struggling is how we learn, it is how we grow. And sometimes it can be confusing and frustrating. But the next time you are asking, “where is God,” remember that He has a plan for you. Everything is happening for a reason, His reason. You need to pay attention and learn from what is occurring. I know it is hard, but you need to trust that God would never give up on you. He is guiding you and protecting you while still doing what is necessary for your end result. And if that doesn’t help, remember that a four year old little girl who just got her finger bitten off by a horse had more faith in God than you did. If that little girl could believe that God was still on her side when going through something that difficult, then you can believe that as well.