How to Create a Fresh Start

            It is officially Valentine’s day, which means it has been a little over a whole month of 2018. The “New Year, New Me” phase has started to end for most, and now people may be wanting to start over, especially with spring a little less more than a month away. I know that sometimes we just need a clean slate, a chance to mentally start over and it doesn’t always have to be at the new year. It can be whenever you feel you need it. Here is a few subtle changes that you can do if you want a fresh start.

Rearrange Your Environment
This could mean your room, your apartment, your car, or your house. Whatever place you live in, or spend a large amount of your time in, change the look of it. Change around your desk or your bed. You can add or take down decorations to change up the look a bit. Make the place look totally different, or even a little difference. As long as you feel it is a new space, then you’ve succeeded. I do this all the time when I am bored or in need of some change. You should always have a safe place where you can relax, but it should feel comfortable. Just like everything else, we do get bored and we need to change up how our space looks in order to reestablish a stable environment. Not only is the process of re doing your room fun, but once it is completed it is the best feeling in the world when you look at your creation. Whenever I crave a fresh start, the first thing I do, or redo, is my room.

Clean Out Your Wardrobe
Go ahead and take on some “spring cleaning”. One of my favorite things is cleaning out my closet and the drawers to my dresser. Not only will you find clothes that you probably didn’t know you owned, but you can declutter your closet. Get rid of anything you no longer like or anything that no longer fits. This also gives you the opportunity to see exactly what clothes you have and you can create some new outfits with your findings. You can always recycle your old clothes, or you can still use them just matching with pieces you normally didn’t wear them with before. Not only are you cleaning out your wardrobe, but you’re allowing yourself to create a new style if that is what you want.

Make Some New Friends
This does not mean you have to stop being friends with your other friends, but maybe it is time to find some new friends. I am a strong believer that you are who your friends are, and when you are around new people, you change a little bit. You conform to their behavior habits. Others can influence you in how you think or even your style. Plus, finding new people might also help you in the future. I was always a little shy and making friends helped open me up a bit. But, be careful to not fall into a bad friendship. At any age, you can have a toxic friendship if you’re allowing toxic people in your life. Choose people who make you happy and bring out the best in you. It is okay to be a little picky when making friends.

Take on a New Hobby
Surprisingly when I am at my busiest, I always find a new hobby to take on. I have painted, I have written books, I have read, and I have journaled. Taking on a new hobby helps you find what you like to do, and it helps change up your routine. It also clears your mind and relaxes you to where you can find yourself, or, in this case, the new you.