My Favorite Pink Lipsticks That Are Perfect For Valentine's Day

February 12, 2018

            I have, and still do, absolutely adore Valentine’s day. Not only do I love the color pink and the pretty decorations, but I love all the festivities. With Valentine’s day literally a few days away, I thought I would do a festive post and show y’all some of my favorite pink lipsticks for this lovely day.

Runway Pink by E.L.F.
This pink color is a brownish pink, and it is perfect for a sweet makeup look. It is not dramatic and actually looks like a natural pink color which makes it perfect to match it up with a dramatic eyeshadow look. If you want a natural look, this lipstick would also work perfectly as well.

Pink Minx by E.L.F
Pink Minx is a bit brighter than Runway Pink. The difference is this lipstick lacks the brown tint and is more of a true pink color. It is perfect if you are looking for a very natural pink lip color. I also really like the formula of this lipstick. I have bought it in the past, and it used to be very rough to apply. My recent purchase of this lipstick has a different formula, and it feels more moisturizing.  

Cool Coral by E.L.F.
Cool Coral is a little less pink and a little more of an orange shade. It technically doesn’t look orange, I would say this lipstick is more of a golden shade with a warm undertone. In the past, I have used this lipstick for when I do a very dark and dramatic eyeshadow look and I want a light gold to kind of brighten it up while still having a dramatic look.

Bombshell by Maybelline.
This lipstick has been a favorite of mine since probably the start of high school and I am well into college now. This is my go to lipstick for whenever I want to do a fun and bright makeup look. It is a little dramatic, but the tone of the color still allows it to be considered an everyday lipstick.

Star Witness by Jeffree Star.

This is the one lipstick that is a little bit more expensive than the rest. This color of this lipstick is my skin color, but it is just a little more peachy. While I love this lipstick, and it does have a soft, romantic, look to it, it is a little bit difficult to apply. The lipstick feels a little dry when you go to put it on so it takes a few tries before I am happy with how it looks.