My Top 5 Favorite Books

            During my freshman year of college, I was not able to read much because I didn’t have a lot of free time nor did I make time for it. I sort of pushed reading off to the side, and I soon forgot just how much I loved it. During my first semester of sophomore year, I found myself picking up a book on labor day and finishing it that night. Thus, reminding me just how much I love, and missed, reading. Without me having an interest in reading for an entire year, I had to find some books to read. If you’re going through a similar situation, or you’re looking for some new books to add to your reading list, then here are some books that I will always recommend. And, the books I chose range in different genres.  

The Mortal Instrument’s Series.
The story begins with Clary who has always been a little different. She loves art and continues to draw this bizarre symbol. Her life changes when she goes to a night club with her friend and witnesses a murder, except it is only her who can see the event play out despite being in a crowded room. She finds out that she might not be completely human and has to embrace her fate when her mother goes missing.
As I sat in the movie theatre to see the last twilight movie, there was a commercial for a new movie called City of Bones with Lily Collins in it. If you have known me for a while, you know that I was, and still am, obsessed with Lily Collins. The girl has been my idol since the movie The Blind Side. When I got home I quickly looked up City of Bones and bought the book that night. Over the course of Thanksgiving week, I finished three of the books, and I was completely obsessed. This is one of my favorite book series ever.

The Lux Series.
Katy moves to a new town after her father lost his battle with cancer. That means she has to start over in a new town and at a new school. And on top of this, she has to deal with her snarky neighbor who has made it very clear she doesn’t belong here. Daemon Black has already lost his brother and he refuses to lose his sister. But his sister is making it so difficult to keep her, and their family secret, safe when all she wants is to be friends with Katy.

Okay, so my description might not be the most intriguing thing you’ve ever read, but this book series is so amazing that no description would do it justice. I’ve done book reviews on most of these books so it is no surprise just how much I am in love with this series. The is the most perfectly written series I have read so far. If you love adventure, syfy, and cute relationships, then you need to go pick up this series pronto.

The Maze Runner Series.
A boy wakes up alone in a box. His memory has been swiped along with the boys who are round him. All they remember is their own name. Outside the stone walls, there are unknown, frightening, creatures who have been created for one purpose, to kill. But everything changes when a girl arrives. The first girl to ever arrive. And she has a message that’s going to change everything.

I found this book series back when I was in junior high and I absolutely loved it. If you’re wanting a book with a little more adventure that is not revolving around a romantic relationship, then this is definitely the book series for you. The books keeps you asking what the heck is happening. I personally loved this series because I loved Thomas’ character so much. He is such a leader without realizing it.

The Five People You Meet In Heaven.
After a freak accident at the amusement park Eddie has worked at most of his life, he sadly dies. But, the end of his life begins the start of a new journey. Eddie will meet five different people that all played a huge part, or had a big impact, on his life. And through this journey, Eddie will not only learned to forgive others but also take responsibility for his own actions.

This book changed my life. When I first found it, I was actually told by a lot of different people that this book impacted their own life. But, I was a little skeptical because I have never had a book just completely change my way of thinking. But, this book did. It made me reflect not only how I have treated people, but how they have treated me. I often put myself in Eddie’s shoes and asked who would be my five people. It makes you think of all the ties you haven’t completely cut off, and it makes you want to go and make things better with people. I think everyone needs to read this book.

Mrs. Dalloway.
Mrs. Dalloway tells the story of Clarissa Dalloway who goes through out her day preparing for a party that she is having later that night. It follows a lot of different characters throughout this June day and ends with the suicide of a young man who has returned from war.

I was forced to read this book during my junior year of high school and I still think about this book so often. It is a little difficult to start because it doesn’t sound to interesting, but it ended up being one of my favorite books ever. The best part of this book is the characters. Virginia Woolf created each character so perfectly that the characters are what make this book such a masterpiece.