The Five People You Meet in Heaven | Book Review

            Eddie never wanted to work at the amusement park all his life, he didn’t mean for that to happen. But, he finds himself in his old age still clocking in as a maintenance man who checks and fixes the rollercoasters and rides. Until one day, there is a freak accident that ends in Eddie’s death. But, his death is the start to a new journey which involves meeting five people in heaven. Eddie will meet five different people who all played a huge part in his life, and who he meets will actually surprise him because he didn’t know the impact they had on his life.

            I mentioned this book in my favorite books post because I how much I love it, so it’s no surprise that I’m about to gush over this book. This book changed my life, and no I am not exaggerating. The change wasn’t drastic nor was it instantaneous. Instead, it was very subtle. I would be putting dishes away in my kitchen and suddenly think to myself, hmm who would my five people be? And would I be apart of someone else’s five people? I also saw change in my conversations with people. It was more of wanting to be a good friend and be an impact on someone else even if it was a small impact.

            It’s not that I believed that this description of heaven is how it is going to be. But, I saw how Eddie didn’t even realize how some people impacted his life because of how small their actions were. It showed me that even my small, nonchalant, actions could affect someone either positively or negatively, and, if it is up to me, I would want it to be in a positive way. This book made me want to be a better person without me realizing it.

            I usually go into some spoilers for those of you who don’t like surprises or for of those who have read it so we could discuss it. But, this book was too special to do so. I went into this book blind and when I say that I mean I only knew it was going to involve someone dying and meeting five people in heaven because of the title. I didn’t know who Eddie was, I didn’t know who the five people were, and I was even surprised on the writing structure. I thought the book would immediately start in heaven, but instead it begins right before Eddie’s death. I really liked that because it makes it more personal. You get a brief overview of who this person is before you see what people were responsible for how he is. I think you and everyone else, need to read this book because it is a very powerful. Don’t go into expecting it to change your life because the change happens a month later when you can’t get scenes, quotes, or characters out of your head.