Too Faced Latex Liquid Lipsticks First Impression | Review

February 26, 2018

One of my favorite Too Faced products is their liquid lipstick. Usually, they’re known for their matte liquid lipsticks. The Latex liquid lipsticks are supposed to be the opposite to those by having a very glossy look when they dry. The first thing that I love about this product is the packaging. I absolutely love Too Faced’s packaging as well, as the applicator brush, for all of their liquid lipstick products and this is no different.

Another thing that is great about these lipsticks is these colors are so pigmented. I included a photo where I tested the six liquid lipsticks I purchased on my arm, and that was with only one swipe instead of going over it several times to build up the color. As you can also tell from the photo, they have a very glossy finish. The look of these lipsticks are the definition of extra, but I could also see myself wearing them in public all the time.

Another perk of these lipsticks is that they feel very moisturizing. They don’t apply rough or chalky. Instead, they go on very easily, and they don’t feel like they’re drying out my lips. Even throughout the day, my lips will still feel very silky and smooth.

Something I’m not too fond about is they can look bad. If you build up the lipstick a bit too much, then it starts to look a little gooey, and it is very easy to make this mistake. There are certain ones that do have the gooey look a little bit more than the others, specifically the darker colors. Also, all of them are a little sticky when you first apply them. I kind of had to keep my lips parted for a minute just so the lipstick would dry the way I wanted it to. Afterwards, they don’t feel sticky, they just have to dry first.

Another small thing that I wasn’t too thrilled about was they do come off very easily. If you’re someone that goes throughout day and never messes up your lipstick, then this is perfect for you. But, if you go and eat or drink something, be aware that whatever you put your lips on will have a big chunk of your lipstick afterwards. I learned the hard way when my straw and my taco ended up being covered in pink.

Other than that, I really do adore these lipsticks. They have a very fun vibe to them and I could see myself wearing them often, especially during spring break and summer.