What Is In My Shower | Shower Tour

February 6, 2018

             The first thing in my shower is this little built in shelf that is meant for storage, but I do not use for storage. Since I have one of the big hanging shower caddies, I like to use the shelf for decoration just to make my shower look a little cuter and more relaxing when I take a bath. I have this light pink candle holder that I got at TJ Maxx, and then I have this candle with hearts all over it that I have had since I was little for Valentines Day.

On the first level on my shower caddy, there are only has four products. I have the Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo and the Tresemme Keratin Conditioner. I have actually just stopped using this conditioner and I have been trying out different ones. I also have this big Dove Sensitive Skin Soap container and an everyday shower cleaner spray that you just spray all over the shower after you are finished. Then, you just rinse it off and it keeps your shower cleaner for a longer period of time.

The second level of the shower caddy has all my body products. I have two different scented body scrubs from Bath and Body Works. Then, I have two different scented soaps from Bath and Body Works as well. Next, I just have some shaving cream and behind that, I have this deep conditioner from Pantene. I also keep my facewash, face cleaner brush, tooth paste, and toothbrush in this section.

 Lastly, there are these two hooks on the shower caddy and then a little spot to put a bar of soap. On the first hook, I hang my shower cap. On the little thing for the bar of soap, I, instead, have my razor and a little tester product I have yet to try. On the last hook, I have two loofahs and a wash cloth that I will change out every time I take a shower.