You Were Forgiven. Embrace It.

        You’ve done something wrong. We all have. Whether it was lying to your parents or stealing a key chain off of someone’s desk, somehow you have sinned in your life. Whether you feel your sin was big or small, one of the most difficult things to ever realize is when you are forgiven. When you sin, you automatically feel the guilt seep in because you know you have done something you shouldn’t have. But you also begin to feel like you can never be forgiven for the mistakes you’ve made because you’re too ‘dirty’ for God. You’re already tainted so how could God, who is perfect, love you, who is no longer perfect.

            This past semester, in my English 2 class, we read the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Basically, the story was about a knight who’s bravery and courage was tested. The knight went through the entire task, unknowing to the fact that his journey was all a test, and then in the end, he failed. There was a point in his journey where he was supposed to give this king every gift he received while staying at the king’s castle, but on the last day of his stay he is given a green girdle that possesses magical powers to save his life. He is on a journey that he believes will end his life, and the temptation to save his life over takes him. He secretly keeps the green girdle. The green girdle, however, was a part of the test. When the challenge is revealed, Sir Gawain believes he could never be forgiven even though everyone around him is celebrating his courage in the end. At the end of his journey, Sir Gawain is seen as a role model for the knights, but in his own eyes he sees himself as a failure.

            This is often the same situation for ourselves. Life is a challenge and we fall into temptation. But, while we are looking at it with guilt and believing we should be punished, God is forgiving us. When we were reading this book, my professor told me, “The only unforgivable sin is the sin of believing you are unforgivable.” I have to agree with him. If we hold on to that guilt, it delays us from moving on and becoming a better Christian. Instead of going out and being kind, you are soaking in self-pity and despair. My God is a very forgiving God because He loves all of his creations. If we allow ourselves to never accept that we are in fact forgiven, then we will never move on nor will we get to do all of the great things God has planned for us. Ask for forgiveness, understand that you are and can be forgiven, and then go out there and do the great things that God has planned for you.