'Dolly's Wild Side' Buxom Eyeshadow Palette Review

March 12, 2018

The ‘Dolly’s Wild Side’ eye shadow palette by Buxom contains 6 beautiful mauve toned eye shadow shades. Some have a champagne glow while others are unmistakingly lavender. The six different shades all work together, meaning you could use this palette to create one look, and everything would look magnificent, or, if you’re going for a smokey eye shadow look, you can incorporate browns and blacks from other palettes. Either method would still result in a beautiful eye shadow look.

The first thing I love about this palette is the actual colors. Each eyeshadow shade is extremely pigmented, and three shine beautifully, which is somewhat difficult to find in other palettes! Usually, there’s always that shade that matches my skin tone exactly, and I know I’ll never use it because of that reason. But, this palette does not have that. Instead, the closest shade to my skin color is a shimmery shade. So, even though it is a light shade, the shimmer contrasts with my skin to make it very noticeable. I love this so much is because this palette does only have six shades, and I get to use all six shades without having a problem with the pigments.

The second thing I love about this palette is the silky formula of the shades. Each shade blends out so nicely. I don’t have to constantly build up the colors and blend them together. Instead, I feel this palette allows me to spend a little less time doing my eye shadow just because of how functional all the shades are together.

The only thing I would have changed about this palette is I would have added a dark brown or black shade just in case I, or someone else, were to want to create a smokey eye look, which is my all-time favorite eye shadow style. I love the purples, but I think adding that one dark shade that would work perfectly with the others would have really changed the game for this palette.