I Had to Fail to Succeed

It’s very rare that there has been something I couldn’t tackle. And because of that, I haven’t failed often. So, the one time I did fail, I didn’t understand. I thought I had done everything right, so why did everything go wrong? I failed so hard that I didn’t think my comeback would make up for the damages that had been done. I had been told that failing is a learning experience, but I felt like all I had been taught was that failing sucks.

            When people always say you have to fail to learn, I always thought that meant you would learn more about the thing you had failed at. Like failing to make the soccer team would make you learn more about soccer so that you could make the team the following year. So I thought the same would apply to the thing I had failed at. I didn’t think failing would make me learn more about myself.

            Failing not only knocked my confidence down a level or two, but it taught me a lot about myself. I learned I have to be a fighter. If you want what you want, work hard and don’t let anyone tell you no. If you made a bad grade, work twice as hard to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice. If you didn’t make the team, work harder than any of the people who actually made the team so that the following year you’re on top.

            I also learned that you have to develop a determined mindset. You have to know your abilities and believe in them. You have to have confidence in yourself or you’re going to go nowhere. If something scares you, practice it until it’s the best thing you are good at. People want to see you fail because it makes them feel better about themselves. In order to not be affect by those people, you got to already believe in yourself.

            And, I learned that you have to trust God. You may not know what He is doing, and that is okay. He knew I had to fail in order to get stronger. He knew I had to fail in order to change because I would have never gotten to where I wanted to be with the way I used to act and think. I’m a better and stronger person for failing. I not only know my weaknesses but I know methods now to overcome them. God made me better through my failure. And every day I will work to improve myself based off the knowledge that my failing experience has given me.