I Have Almost Given Up On My Passion Before

           Something you should know about me is I don’t give up easily. If something is not going my way, I work with it. When the fight gets hard, I fight back harder. I was always taught that if you want something, then go get it. But the sad truth is, humans are lazy. I mean, right now I am even procrastinating writing this post. And sometimes, when the fight gets rough and we feel weak, we want to quit. It might take a lot, but everyone has their breaking point. And one thing that helps me tackle that obstacle is knowing God has called me to do His work. He put me here for a greater meaning than just sleeping all day and binge watching Netflix all night. And it would be a dishonor to not achieve the ultimate goal He had placed in my heart.

            The other day, I was writing another devotional posts. And at this time, no one was reading them. I would get all these views on all of my other posts and then on my devotional posts I would get one view, and it was probably my mom. Now, I want to make sure you know I didn’t start blogging because of the views, I did it because I love writing and my blog is like my own personal scrapbook of my life. But, I have always wanted to help people. And I have always hoped that my blogposts would reach someone who needed it and helped them in some way. And it was a little disheartening to know that I wanted to reach people through my devotional posts, but no one wanted to read.

            In the middle of writing another devotional post I knew in the end would only benefit me because no one else had been reading, I asked myself, what is the point? Why should I even write them? And in that moment, I had this feeling that I was supposed to write these posts. Even if it could help one person it was worth it, and I had a feeling that that is exactly what was about to happen. I came back to check on my posts later on that week to make sure everything had uploaded correctly. And, I saw that my devotional posts had skyrocketed in views. And I knew I was helping a lot of people out there. I was a great feeling to know that, and it was something that would not have happened if I had quit too soon.

            I say this because God has a plan for you. Whatever career God has placed in your heart, fight for it. Because it will be worth it. I’m currently in University and I’m on the pre dental track. And every time the clock strikes past midnight and I’m still doing homework, or I feel overwhelmed, I have a slight thought about quitting. I have this moment of doubt where I ask myself, “can I really do this? Am I even good enough for this? Is this even going to work out?” I end up pushing those thoughts out of my head and fight ten times harder because I know that someone out there will one day need me to do what God has called for me to do. And I don’t want to let them down, I don’t want to let myself down, and most importantly I don’t want to let God down. Because if He believes in me, if the person who made me and knows what I am capable of thinks I can do it, then I can believe in myself too.