I Have Been Praying for All the Wrong Reasons

Recently, I’ve been making choices to grow not only as a person, but also in my faith. And, in order to change, I have had to really examine who I have become along with what things have I been doing wrong, but turning a blind eye to. And I realized something about the relationship I have created with God. I only pray to Him when it benefits me. And I think you might be unknowingly making the same mistake.

When I say that I only pray when it benefits me, I’m talking about that I pray before a test or before my day. And simply because I have prayed, I feel like I should be entitled a good day or a good test grade. Not only have I studied my little heart out, but here I am praying to the one who makes miracles happen. Never in my prayer do I specifically say, “hey God, can you help me make an A on my test? Thanks.” No, that’s not how my conversation goes. It’s more of me saying an everyday prayer and walking away feeling entitled for something good to happen simply because I did the act of prayer because, hey, that’s more than what some people do.

You’re probably sitting back and thinking to yourself, “Oh no, this isn’t me. Who would possibly expect something just because they prayed?” But ask yourself this, have you ever only prayed when you were going through a rough time, but when things start turning around, and you begin to pray less? Have you ever hit a rock and end up going to church for answers or because you hope if you do, something good will happen? Because if so, I hate to tell you, but you’re praying wrong.

We always feel so entitled for good things when we do something good because we have taught that good things result from good actions. So, it’s no surprise that we feel if we do a good act, such as pray, then something good will happen. But, something good has already happened. Jesus died for you. He did that. How could you be entitled to a good day or a good test score when Jesus already gave up everything and paid the ultimate price for you? How could you possibly want more for Him? But the great thing is God loves you, and He is on your side. You don’t need to pray extra for good things because He already plans on providing them, when He believes it is the correct time.

We are all going to go through crisis, and I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pray. What I am saying is pray then, but also pray when everything is going right. Pray when you had a lazy day, a boring day, a happy day, a sad day, or even a day that has made it on to your top ten ‘worst days’ ever list. Just pray, and pray without expectations. You deserve nothing and yet God has already given you everything. And I know, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it, But God has a plan for you. You need to trust Him, and never stop being a friend to Him.