Legend | Book Review

            Two children have grown up in the Republic for their entire lives. The Republic believes to be the best ‘Country’ they must have the best soldiers. All the kids in the Republic are raised to be soldiers, and each child will take a test that will determine where you fit in society. If you score high, then you will become a soldier, but you will also be a part of the rich sector. If you pass but you are not extraordinary, then you become one of the normal citizens, and you would be considered middle class or poor. Your social status and job depends on the score you receive. If you fail the test completely, then you are sent to the labor camps. Day had failed his test and escape the labor camps to become a notorious criminal in the Republic. None of the authorities have any information about him, no sketches, finger prints, and they do not even know his real name. June is the prodigy of the Republic. She has been training her whole life to be the star soldier and she is the only person who has ever made a 100% on her test. But, her whole life changes when her brother is killed by Day. Now she vows to find him and get revenge. The only problem is when they meet, he opens her eyes to how the government really operates and she has no idea who to trust anymore.

            A few years ago this book was all the rave at my high school. I, however, never got around to reading it. I was more into the Mortal Instruments series back then and the Divergent trilogy. Now, years later, I finally caved in and decided to try to figure out why everyone loved this book, and I was not disappointed. I love the story line of the girl being the one hunting down the boy as well as the mystery this book had. I will admit that when I first started this book it took me a while to get into it. The beginning was very slow, but it gives all the information you needed to understand the structure of the story. After about 1/3 of the book, Day and June meet and from there on I could not put this book down.

            I’m going to start off by saying one of my favorite things about this book is the structure. June and Day live two completely different lives and one chapter would be told by Day while the next would be told by June. It continues in this pattern throughout the entire book, and it was so fascinating because not only did we get to see their lives before they met, but we also got to see how each character viewed the other later on. I don’t think I ever preferred one narrative over the other because the two narratives worked well together. I believe it was one of the tools that helped grab my attention. When one chapter ended, I couldn’t wait to read the next to find out what the other character was going through or how the other character viewed the situation.

            One of my favorite parts of this book was how little cliché romance there was. Yes, the girl who was supposed to be hunting the bad guy ends up falling for him but she still continues to do her job in the Republic. She doesn’t only believe Day’s side of the story, but she does her own investigation as well. When there were romantic moments, they were very cute, but they only lasted a page or two. The whole book didn’t revolve around their love, instead, it revolved around finding the truth and trying to make their family proud. At the same time, their romance was why I continued to read. They were the perfect couple and they didn’t know. Even with their opposite reputations, they never outshined each other. (SPOILER) When June gets Day captured, Day continues to escape. He never gives up. The same goes for June. June never gives up on trying to find the truth about who killed her brother and when she finds out Day had nothing to do with it, she is not about to let an innocent guy, let alone the guy she likes, die for her mistakes.

            At the end, I really enjoyed this book. It takes a lot to surprise me and there were moments (like finding out who really killed June’s brother) that completely shocked me and left me with my jaw on the ground. The ending was very sweet and it was such a perfect ending for this book. It allowed for the story line to be continued but it still showed the romance between June and Day. I have read the second and third book, and I kind of wish I did not. This book was perfect but the two others ventures off into a different direction that was personally not for me. If you are content with this ending and you don’t want to see June and Day fall apart, then I would suggest only reading this book. I know for me, however, I would never be able to only read one book in a series so I would not be able to take this advice, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.