The Best TV Shows That You Should Watch

            Have you been finding yourself bored while scrolling through Netflix without finding a show that interests you? Have you suddenly finished a show that you officially added to your favorites list and now you do not know what to watch? I know the struggle and I am going to suggest a few of my favorite shows that I have watched and re-watched possibly multiple times. 


Two new kids move from Kansas to the richest place in Los Angeles, and they have to become accustomed to the high-class life that their peers live. It is a story about drama and friendship. I loved this show, mostly because it has Matt Lanter in and he is so cute. I will admit that he was, and probably still is, my celebrity crush. And, not to mention that him and his wife are adorable. If you love a ton of drama, then you’re going to love this show.
Gossip Girl.

Gossip Girl is based off an unknown gossip blogger who follows the lives of the elite teenagers who live in the Upper East Side of New York. The main characters consist of Serena, Blair, Dan, Nate, and Chuck. They have their own problems, but they also have problems between each other. Not only is everyone looking at them to see what choices they will make in order to see if they will fail or succeed, but they all have pressure put on them by their parents, and everyone watching the gossip blog, to be a certain image. And each one has their own inner secrets and problems.

One Tree Hill.
One Tree Hill is a town that holds two boys who have the same father but different mothers. The boy who the father decided to stayed with is rich and a jock who plays on the high school basketball team. The other boy does not come from money and only plays basketball on the streets. When these two boys are in the same room, there is always chaos. Now that both will be on the high school basketball team, the two will have to be around each other most of the time. Through their journey, they have friends that help them deal with rough patches in their lives.
Gilmore Girls.
A mother named Lorelai Gilmore has a sixteen-year-old named Rory Gilmore. Gilmore Girls starts with Rory who is very smart girl and has just been accepted into an elite private school, but there is no way that her mother will be able to afford it. Lorelai secretly asks her parents for a loan and in return she and her daughter must attend family dinners on Fridays. This series takes off from there. The show is all about the relationship between Lorelai and her daughter and all the loops and holes they have to jump through. I absolutely love this show. I watched this show with my mom and we related so much to it so much. And, I have re-watched this show and seeing Rory work hard in school motivates me to work hard in my own studies.


Riverdale has been my latest obsession. Jason Blossom has been missing since the Fourth of July and nothing has been normal since. Everyone is trying to figure out what happened at the lake where he was last seen with his sister. Suddenly, Jason’s body is found in the water and now everyone is trying to figure out who did it, but, more importantly, why did they want Jason dead. Ever since his death, this town has not be the same.
The 100.
100 years ago, the earth was contaminated with radiation and was deemed unlivable. In order to survive, people created an Ark that would serve as their home in outer space. In order to conserve oxygen, the people who are proven guilty of crimes are killed. If the person is under the age of 18 years old, then they wait to be killed until after their 18th birthday. The leaders of the spaceship have decided to send 100 of the underage criminals to earth to see if it is livable. Now the kids must not only survive on a foreign planet, but have to survive each other. This show is one of my favorite shows as of right now. I am almost finished watching the fourth season and the fifth season premieres in a few months. It gives me Lord of the Flies vibes a lot and I was actually very interested in that book when I was in high school.

The notorious bad boy was lost on an island for years before being found. When he comes back, people expected him to go back to his old habits, but the island changed him. Now, he has taken on a new identity and is ready to getting revenge on those who have wronged his city.   

Vampire Diaries.
A love triangle between two brothers and a local girl. Except the two brothers are vampires and nothing about their love for Elena is normal. Their arrival turns the town upside down and everyone has to suffer the consequences.

The Originals.

The Originals is a spin off to The Vampire Diaries but you don’t need to watch one show to understand the other. I think it helps to have watched The Vampire Diaries first just because you become familiar with the characters, but I do think the show does a good job at reintroducing the characters. This show is about the three original vampires who are living in the 21 century. 
Greys Anatomy.
We have reached my favorite show. Meredith is an Intern at a hospital in Seattle, but has unknowingly fallen in love with her attendee who is the brilliant brain surgeon named Derek. This show begins to follow the five interns as they try to become great doctors while dealing with the drama that goes on in the hospital. Later in the series, you follow the doctors become residents and then attendees.

Army Wives.
The show starts off with Roxy marrying a Military man after knowing him for only a short amount of time. The two decide to move on base with Roxy’s two children. Roxy has no idea how to act around the men and women who work here with her new husband. She and four other army wives/husbands form a bond and have to stick together through the hard times that comes with the military lifestyle.

Girl Boss.
The show Girl Boss is loosely based off of the book by Sophia Amoruso. It is about the creator of the website Nasty Gal which is an online boutique. Sophia is low on cash and doesn’t meet much qualifications to get a high paying job. She learns about her ability to buy and create clothes from vintage shops before reselling them for high prices, and ultimately creating her business.