Unfiltered by Lily Collins | Book Review

         Unfiltered is a book all about Lily Collins’s life. Lily Collins has lived in the public spot light by modeling and acting for all of her life, and now she has come to tell everyone her story. She discusses various parts of her life from relationships she has had with ex boyfriends to her eating disorder. This entire book is very raw and open. Lily wrote it in a way that you not only get to know her, but you learn a lot from her story. She doesn’t just write this to warn you about making the same mistakes she did, but she makes you feel not alone. She ensures you that if you have been in a similar situation, it is going to be okay.

            I believe Lily Collins did a fantastic job at not just making this book a biography, but also an advice column. She speaks about the situations that people normally do not talk about, but also how she overcame them. She gives a bigger meaning to the outcomes. For example, she talks about how she learned to love her imperfections, and how she made them perfect in her own mind. She once was criticized for her thick eyebrows and she tried to change them. But, she also talks about how her changing her eyebrows was also like her changing herself, and it taught her how important it was to be herself.

            It was amazing to read her thoughts on her parents. She admired and spoke very highly of her mother, and how she often felt like she betrayed her when she did not tell her mom about her eating disorder. She was so close to her mother and when she moved out, she was still only five minutes away from her mom. When addressing her father, she wrote an open letter to her father that I feel is a letter every child would want to send to their own parent. She connects not only with herself but also with everyone who is reading her story.

            Overall this is one of my favorite books and it was not just because of the love I have for Lily Collins. I learned how much I had in common with her, but also I learned important life lessons that she learned. This book is not just for her fans but for everyone who is in need of some advice. It shows valuable life lessons for situations everyone goes through. I highly recommend everyone read Lily Collins’ book.