What's in my College Sophomore Year Bag

Front Pocket.
Pens / Lipstick / Wallet / Phone / Student ID card
This front pocket is the smallest one, and I keep the stuff I need easy access to in it. This pocket usually holds the things I will keep in my purse, but I will put them here just so I do not have to carry around two bags.

Second Pocket.
Laptop cord / More pens / Phone charger / USB extension cord / HDMI cord / Earphones / Ethernet adapter / Lens cleaner wipes
In this second, bigger, pocket, there are four extra smaller pockets on the edge inside. These pockets are typically what helps me keep the different cords separated and organized instead of having them a jumbled mess. I keep everything I need for my laptop, like any extra cords, in this pocket.

Third Pocket.
Binders / Notebooks / Books / Laptop
This last pocket has three different slots that are all the same length. The first slot is made with padding and a strap for you to specifically keep your laptop or iPad in, and that is where I keep mine. Then, the middle slot, the biggest, is where I will keep all of my school supplies for note taking. And the third slot is where I typically keep my iPad, or my phone, when I am in class.