Desk Tour & Organization

April 3, 2018

On the top left of my desk, I have an organizer container that holds different things I need regularly. This includes file folders with school assignments and pet records, post it notes, multicolor pens and highlighters, and note cards. Next to that, I have a container with colored pencils, a cute little package that has pencils and notepads, and a candle.

On the right side of my desk, I have a pink desk lamp, a pink container that spins and contains pens, pencils, and highlighters, and a monogrammed container that has loose note paper.

The left drawer contains all of my art supplies. It have paints, brushes, washy tape, and sharpies. I also have flashcard containers in here, as well.

The middle drawer is the most chaotic. It has my label maker, folders, tape, white out, tabs, and a lot of other basic office supplies.

The right drawer has a ton of different post it notes, stickers, sharpeners, and, on the side, I will keep some letters that have a lot of meaning.