Too Faced 'Chocolate Gold' Eye Shadow Palette Review

April 9, 2018

The Gold Chocolate Bar palette by Too Faced contains sixteen different eye shadow shades, all which are absolutely beautiful and mostly shimmery. I have talked a lot about Too Faced before in the past, and it is obviously my favorite makeup brand out there. I have a ton of their other eye shadow palettes, including all of their other chocolate bar and peach palettes, but I do think this is one of their best palettes they have ever created.

I was on the fence about buying this eye shadow palette for a while. It does contain a lot of metallic and shimmery shades that I wasn’t quite sure when I would wear or  if I would wear this palette. In no way did this palette seem to be an everyday, wearable, palette, and I was doubting what kind of looks I could do with this palette. I didn’t think I would ever be able to use this palette alone without having to use other eye shadows from a different palette. My favorite saying, and this should be no surprise to anyone, is a girl can never have too many eyeshadow palettes. So, of course I needed this palette.

The first thing I found to be different about this palette in comparison to other ones that Too Faced has come out with is the packaging. The past chocolate bar palettes, and even the peach palette, use a magnet in order to keep the palette closed, but this container actually snaps shut. I personally find it better that way, but it does make it a tad bit difficult to open the palette with one hand while your otherh and is applying makeup. Another thing I love about this palette is the names of each shades. Honestly, where do I apply to name these shades because that sounds like a dream. All of the names are so catchy and witty. They each go along with the gold/rich theme of the palette, and they’re so perfect.

When I was testing out these shades, I instantly fell in love. Each eyeshadow felt so buttery, and they were so pigmented. Trust me when I say a little goes a lot way. I doubt you will be needing to spend a while building up these shades. These colors are absolutely gorgeous. I can not express to you how much I love each of these colors. It has been very hard for me to find eyeshadows that are shimmery or metallic that I actually like. But these, I am obsessed with. There are some colors that are more bold than others. I did find that any purple shade had to be built up a bit. They were a tad bit opaque.

I need to warn you now, these shades are incredibly shimmery. If that is your kind of thing, then you NEED this palette. But, if you are more of a matte person, then I would recommend skipping this palette. This palette was a bit more functional than I had expected it to be. I have found myself reaching for this palette a lot more than I had predictable. I think if you were to buy this palette, you would be surprised by just how well all of the shades work together and how they look on the skin.