Too Faced 'White Peach' Palette Review

April 23, 2018

This past February, Too Faced released two palettes for their Peaches and Cream collection. One was called ‘Just Peachy’ while the second was named ‘White Peach’. And of course, I just had to have both. Today I am going to be reviewing the White Peach palette. The Too Faced White Peach palette contains 12 different shadows, mostly containing a variety of light pink shades.

First thing first, the packaging is so pretty! I love the cover of this palette along with the clasp that keeps it closed. The palette itself feels sturdier than previous palettes Too Faced has release. The name of each shade is below the shadow which is something I love that Too Faced does. I don’t know why, but I dislike when the shadows’ names are on the back of the palette or not included at all.

The Shades.
All of the shades are pretty light with the exception of three or four. I personally think all of these colors look beautiful on the lid of your eye, but there are only three shades that could potentially be transition shades. And, there are zero shades that are dark enough to smoke out the look or create that darker shadow effect that everyone knows I personally love to wear. I don’t think you could use this palette’s on its own just because of the lack of darker colors. But, I think these shades would work well with darker shades from other palettes. You could use this palette alone if you are going for a very light and soft pink romantic look. If that is your style, then this palette would be perfect for you. I do love this palette, all of the shades blend really well and the formula is very creamy and smooth. I just don’t think this palette is for everyone.