We Are Not Predestined.

I have often debated how much of my life do I leave to God’s control. Am I supposed to be just a puppet in the hands of God? And many pastors who have preached about this subject have said yes, which was the confusing part. You see, I’m so worried about living God’s way and fulfilling God’s plan that I don’t want to do anything wrong or mess anything up. There was this quote I found not too long ago that said, “you give yourself too much credit if you think you can ruin the plan God has for you.” So, naturally, I took that as, “hmm maybe I should give up everything to God.” If it’s supposed to happen, it’s going to happen. I didn’t realize though that the plan God has for me is not actually a plan at all. It’s a journey that is meant to teach me and has goals. But the paths to get to those goals are all defined by different plans that are a result from the choices I make.

While God should be influencing my life, I should still be the one living it. If I don’t work and dedicate myself to God’s plan, then He is going to wait patiently until I do decide to work hard and earn what He has in store for me. You see, God has a plan for me. But God has multiple plans for me with different directions that all lead me to what I dedicate myself to achieve. And each plan has its own trials, failures, road block, and struggles. Each plan is going to force you to fail, learn, and grow. It might be in different ways, but you’re going to have to go through these things because that’s what builds you as a human being. The reason you can’t solely rely on God to just hand over your prize is because you have free will. He granted you that, you are not just some robot who was programmed to do a certain something.

Stop using “God’s Plan” as your excuse not to work. You’re not entitled to anything that He gives you. And that should only make you work ten times harder. There is no such thing as predestination in Christianity. If you give it your all and it doesn’t work out, then it wasn’t supposed to happen. And that’s part of God’s plan. But you had to of give it your all first in order to find this out. And usually when you do put all your effort and determination into something and it doesn’t work out the way you wanted, then something usually better comes along.

So what should you just give up to God? Everything that is out of your control. Put your anxieties and worries, where you’re going to live in the next year, where your next job will be, or literally anything else that you cannot control on to God. Do your best, put everything you have in it, go the extra 20 miles, and continue to work hard. Finish to the point where you can look back and honestly say there was nothing more you could do and then trust God. If you get it when you believe your supposed to, great. If you don’t, don’t worry. You tried your best and now you have to do more, but now is when the trust in God kicks into you. If I don’t get into the dental school I want, but I look back and say I could not have done anything better, then I have to trust God because I know this detour is all apart of His plan even if I do not agree with it.

God has a plan for you. But those plans include you failing and falling apart. He knows that when you fail, you also learn. And He is trying to teach you something that you’re going to need to know in the future. But just because He has a plan for you doesn’t mean you don’t have to work. You only achieve His plan when you work. He’s like a parent, He will guide you through and give advice and supply you with everything you need to succeed except for the hard work. He’s not going to do it for you, you still have to pull your own weight or you will never feel like you achieved anything.