You are Still Loved.

People always have this idea that the second they sin and become dirty, they can no longer be useful to God. As soon as people make one little mistake, they allow the guilt from their actions to lead them into a different path that is going away from God. They don’t realize that just because you did something wrong doesn’t mean that you can’t do something right afterwards.

            Sin is a tricky thing. Not only is it something that hurts us mentally and physically, but it is something that hurts us spiritually because it makes us think that the most perfect being, God, could never love someone who is less than perfect. There is a quote by Susan E, Isaac that says, “I wonder if that was why God hated sin, because of the destruction it caused. For a moment I felt awe for a God who loved me enough to hate the things that hurt me without hating me for causing them.” What we don’t realize is God hates our sins, but He still loves us.

            God never made us to be perfect, He made us to love Him and do what He has planned. He knew we would one day sin. He knew that sometimes temptation would get the best of us and we would choose the wrong thing. And yet, He still created us. He still has a plan for us. And, the only thing that is keeping us from Him is our belief that we are not good enough for the one who created us. When Peter denied Jesus three times, Jesus still restored him. When he failed Jesus, Jesus allowed him to try again. Jesus didn’t, in return, turn his back to Peter like Peter did to Jesus. If God couldn’t use us or love us after sin, then half the stories in the bible wouldn’t be written.

            We all want to be on God’s side. We all want to make Him proud. I think it is quite beautiful that we crave a love so deep that only God can give us, yet it is so tragically sad that we turn our backs on Him because we think we don’t deserve His love. So, stop beating yourself up for your mistakes and run back to God because He is waiting for you to return.