You Look for an Answer, But God Made You the Answer.

If you open up any news account on your phone, laptop, or tablet, the first thing you see is terrible headlines about things that are happening in our world. As you scroll through the articles about who got hurt today or what our government is trying to do, it kind of hurts your heart to see all the pain and panic splashed across the internet. And you may even say to God, “your children are in pain, why are you not doing anything?” But, the truth is, He already did something about all the bad situations. He created you.

            A lot of people like to use the argument of ‘if the powerful God does exist, why hasn’t He done anything to lessen the pain and take away the evil in our world?’ But what about you? Have you done anything to change the things that are happening? Have you voiced your opinion, have you volunteered with people who are in need, have you donated anything to others, gotten an education, and done your research to get involved with starting a rightful revolution? The answer is probably no. And, God could simply ask you, ‘why not?’

            You see, God changes the world through the people He creates. He used Moses, a failed prince, to free the Hebrews from being slaves to Pharaoh. God used David, an ordinary shepherd, to defeat the giant Goliath and become a king. And He could use you to change the world as well. But instead of doing something about the tragedy you see all around you, you turn your back to it..

            So why do we not step up to the plate and change the world? Because we know it is difficult. Do you think Moses wanted to do God’s work? Of course not. Moses knew the difficulty and the danger of facing up to the Pharaoh. He had his doubts but trusted God and ended up changing the world. You don’t think David was intimidated by the size of the giant? You think he was fearless? No, but he did what God called for him to do despite all of the circumstances. They changed the world because they continued to try even when they didn’t see progress or the point.

            Changing the world is not easy. It’s full of hard work and dedication. It is about being crushed over and over again and still never giving up. And just when you feel change is impossible or you feel like you will never succeed in whatever thing you’re trying to change, that’s when the breakthrough happens. Stop blaming God for the actions you are not taking. God has been patiently waiting for you to finally step up and make a change. Change all starts with one person and it could easily be you.