Cress by Marissa Meyer | Book Review

Cress is one of the top hackers under command of the queen of Luna. She’s also been locked away on a satellite that has been floating in space for at least the past seven years. Cress’s new mission is to track down where Cinder is. Cinder, Thorne, Wolf, and Scarlet are all fugitives trying to create a plan to overthrow Queen Levana. And Cress may be able to help them. But their plan goes terribly wrong, and the crew unwillingly gets split up. Cress will finally be able to set foot on earth, but her wish comes at a price.

First of all, this book was amazing. Second of all, I love this book so much. Yes, I just declared my love for this book twice, and it is because I love it so much. Based on what I knew about the characters and story lines before reading this book series, I predicted Scarlet was going to be my favorite book. And it was until the next book. And now, Cress is my favorite book. And Cress quickly also became my favorite character.

Spoilers. I knew Cress was going to be the damsel in distress just like Rapunzel, but I expected her to be a lot more clingy and needy than she was. I expected to get annoyed by her lack of independency. But, as I mentioned in the Scarlet review, Marissa Meyer is a genius and created the most perfect characters. Cress was somewhat reliant on Thorne and she did get her feelings hurt quickly throughout the book, but what else would you expect from a girl who has been away from civilization for seven years. She was naive and brilliantly brave  all at once. Cress was the one that led a blind Thorne through the Sahara desert. Cress was the one who could ruin you life with five minutes of access to WIFI.

I loved Cress and Thorne. Then I loved Cress and hated Thorne. And then I loved them both together again. Thorne was so caring and so patient with Cress despite him being blind. When Cress started to get sick, Thorne gave her the last of the water. And when Cress wanted to give up on walking, Thorne was the one who encouraged her to go on because he knew it was the only way they would survive. He had to be strict to get through to her, but he wasn’t going to allow them to die in a desert. But then we get to the hotel, where Thorne leaves Cress for some poker and playboy behavior, or at least that is what it looked like.

Yes, Cress got kidnapped not to mention she was extremely heartbroken when she saw him at the poker table, But Thorne made up for it. Not only did he immediately feel bad and regret that he left Cress, but he went after her despite not knowing where she was going to be. All he knew was that he needed to get Cress back. I love the fact that Thorne pushed Cress away because he thought he, the most egotistic person in this entire book series who thinks so highly of himself, wasn’t good enough for her.

I loved this book so much. Honestly, even if you tried the books and didn’t like them, you need to read the series just so you can read, and understand, this book. This book is also what inspired me to start writing again. This book reminded me how much I wanted to create a book that would one day be someone else’s favorite book. And if this long post dedicated to Cress and Thorne wasn’t enough to convince you to read this series, then the fact that Marissa Meyer is a genius writer should be persuasive enough.