He Knows What I Don't

            I’m a huge worrier. I worry about things I cannot control, and I worry about things that have yet to occur.  And, often my prayers revolve around me expressing what I am worrying about in that moment. Because of how much I worry, my worrying has resulted in me having some type of anxiety. Yet I wonder how much of what I am worrying about is in my control. If I cannot do anything about certain situations, then why am I not taking a step back and give up my worries to God?

            Recently, I tried this exercise where every time I would be worrying about something, I would take a step back and give up any fear or anxiousness  to God. For me, it was a way to realize just how often I found myself worrying. And let me tell you, I worried more than I had realized or even would have guessed. Once I caught myself feeling anxious, I would clear my mind and take deep breaths. I’m not saying this cured my worrying and my anxiety, but this exercise made me realize when I was worrying and to momentarily stop worrying. It was a way to really take back a little bit of control over my anxiety.

            Carly Lynn, a girl who constantly spreads the word of God through social media, tweeted once, “I often wonder if God looks down, laughs a little, shakes His head and says: You’re so worried about this insignificant thing. Girl, let go.” This tweet kind of allowed myself to realize that God has a plan for me. He knows the answers to all the questions I worry about. And, God would not want me to be using my time worrying about things out of my control when I could be contributing to my purpose here on earth.

At this time last year, I was a nervous wreck about things I couldn’t control and was at a terrible time in life. And now, exactly a year later, I have not only completed so much, but I am at a completely different point in life, a better place in life. If I had just trusted that things would get better, if I had just trusted God, I would have saved myself months of worry. Things do get better, but it is hard to understand that when we are in the middle of a crisis.

            Worrying is a natural human reaction to certain situations. Some of us worry more than others, and some of us worry so much that it can actually negatively effects our lives. If we could just step back and say “God, I don’t have the answers, and the questions give me fear and worry, but I trust you and I will continue to trust you,” we might actually feel relief. I’m not saying it is easy, but it you really try and really believe that God will take care of you, then maybe your worry will start to decrease.