Scarlet by Marissa Meyer | Book Review

Scarlet Benoit’s grandmother has gone missing, and no one has done anything to try to find her. Scarlet will do anything to find her grandmother, even if that means teaming up with a guy named Wolf who looks as if he could win in any fight. Scarlet doesn’t know why anyone would ever want to take her grandmother, but she intends to find her grandmother, alive. | Cinder is trying to break out of jail, and, with the help of a criminal two jail cells over, she might actually succeed. But if she does, she’s going to be put in more danger than she ever has ever been in.
            Two weeks ago I wrote a book review on Cinder, the first book in the Lunar Chronicles, and now I’m back to discuss the second book in the series. Book two is all about a girl named Scarlet who works on a farm with her grandmother. Her grandmother has been missing and the police have yet to do anything. So, Scarlet takes it upon herself to find her grandmother herself with the help of a guy named Wolf. In case you have not seen the similarities, Scarlet is a futuristic retelling of Red Riding Hood. While all of this is occurring, Cinder is breaking out of prison with the help of a criminal named Thorne.

            Scarlet was a very good book. It did include a little more romance than Cinder did (which I enjoyed). While everything was sweet and, possibly, a little cheesy, there was still a ton of action packed into this book. This book had elements of the classic fairytale while it still had unique elements. Of course I would recommend reading Cinder first, but I would completely encourage anyone who is looking for a book that had romance, friendship, and adventure to read Scarlet.

            Spoilers. I loved the character Scarlet so much. She was so strong and independent. She wasn’t afraid to be alone nor did she break down and rely on someone else when she was faced with a crisis. Instead, she stood up and knew what she had to do. I also loved the romantic story line between Scarlet and Wolf. Scarlet really makes Wolf work to help her find her grandmother because she is not really in a position where she knows who to trust. I also love that Scarlet and Wolf are both individually strong people but they’re complete opposites. Wolf has been conditioned to be a fighting machine and show no mercy while Scarlet was raised to do hard work and still have compassion for other people.

            My only complaint I had about Cinder was I wish there was more of a relationship that formed between Kai and Cinder. But in Scarlet, the only complaint I have is there was no Cinder and Kai scenes. I understand that it was meant for a purpose, and we do get to see how both characters fight their feelings for each other while miles apart, but there was not a single scene where the two were together and I missed them together. The only building to their relationship was their inside thoughts that were shared. This really is not a true complaint because it does make the story more interesting but I miss Kai and Cinder scenes.

            Overall, Marissa Meyer is a genius and this is book is just another example of that. I loved this book, and I may have even loved it more than Cinder. Marissa Meyer has created the best characters, they’re so different and relatable while being in a fictional scene that could never take place in reality. She crafted these characters so precisely that I will reread some scenes and just cherish these characters even more than before.