Sometimes You Just Have to Have Faith.

            This past semester I took a class called Metaphysics, and it honestly changed not only my life but my relationship with God. In my metaphysics class we proved three things. The first being that we know there is a God, second being that we know what God is not, and the third thing is we will never know who exactly God is on a personal level until after our life here on earth. The last proof, it brought a lot of questions. I was always taught that we are a friend of God and that we can have a relationship with Him. But this class was showing me that I didn’t really know God. I’ve never gotten a direct response from God, and I only know Him because of the image I created of Him based on knowing about Him.

            So, I started searching for answers. I started praying differently and I was diving into research about God. I even checked out a few websites dedicated to philosophy and metaphysics, but I couldn’t find the answers I was searching for. I came up with dead ends and it was getting frustrating. I so badly wanted to know answers that just seemed to not exist. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t comprehend who God is.

            What I realized after days, and even weeks, of being in search for answers to who is God personally is I’m never going to fully be able to comprehend who God is while I am alive. And as much as that frustrates me, and it is definitely not the answer I wanted, it is the only answer I got. We’re never going to fully be able to comprehend God because of how complex He is. He made us, and our brains cannot understand His magnitude. Think about how a human created the iPhone. This device was designed to know my voice and do the work what I tell it to do, but it wasn’t designed to know me personally. It knows me accidentally but never personally. This relationship between people and their phones is similar to the relationship of God and His people. We get to know facts about God based off of His affects, but we don’t know Him. Sure, we get to know more about God than an iPhone gets to know about us, but we cannot know Him 100% until we rise to His level, when we go to heaven.

            The other day I was talking to a professor about how physics wasn’t my favorite subject because it was so hard to comprehend. And my professor told me, it’s built on other math that you have not studied but if you did study them you would fully understand certain things in physics. Until then, you just have to trust that this is the way a physics problem works because you don’t have the knowledge to the information that has built up to this point. I think that goes for God too. We know God because of the effects He has on our lives and on this world, but unless we have all of the information on God, we wont be able to fully comprehend God. Without this information we won’t receive all the answers we have been looking for. And this information isn’t available until after our life. Sometimes you just have to have some faith and trust that eventually, even if it is not anytime soon or while you’re here on earth, you will have the answers to all the questions you, and I, have come up with.