Book Series Reading List!

The Lunar Chronicles.
Cinder is a cyborg mechanic who is ruled by her mother and step sisters. After one of her step sisters tragically died from a plague that has been spreading all across New Beijing, she is blamed for the death and outcasted by the ‘family’ that took care of her. Soon, Cinder will find that not only is she immune to the plague, but she has some unknown secrets that could change the world.

(I just did a huge book review series on these books because of how amazing they are. Personally my favorite was Cress and I encourage you to read to whole series just so you can read Cress!)

Passenger Series.
Etta Jones is an aspiring violinist who will be making her debut. Nicholas is a sailor who has traveled much in the past. Etta is thrown from her regular life when she becomes a prisoner on a ship. Nicholas and Etta must sail to unimaginable places while trying to survive and return Etta to her regular life.

The Illuminae Files.
Kady and Ezra broke up the morning before their planet was invaded. Little did anyone know that there is a war going on for their planet. Now, Kady and Ezra must work together and fight their way to evacuate. But that’s not their only problem. There is now a deadly plague on the rise, and if Kady and Ezra want to survive, they’re going to need each other.

Grisha Verse Series.
Alina Starkov has always been the outcast. Now, war has broken out and her best friend has been badly injured. Alina reveals she may be a little more important than once believed when she reveals she has a power that saves his life. Her power may be the key to helping her city that has been badly damaged by the war.
Red Queen Series.
The world is divided based on blood whether it is red or silver. Silver bloods rule while red bloods are the commoners. Mara, despite being a red blood, has a dangerous gift that may disrupt this balance and could potentially be the downfall for the silver ruling. But, her gift may cause more trouble then previously expected.
Six of Crows Series.
In order for Kaz to become rich he must pull off one of the largest heists. To do so, he has to assemble a group of dangerous criminals. But nothing is ever civilized when a team of criminals unite.
The Selection Series.
Prince Maxon must choose his future queen out of 35 girls. This is a dream for most girls because it is a chance for them to escape the lives they have and enter into a new lavish life. This dream, however, is not for America. To America, the selection means she will lose people she loves, but will the prince help convince her that maybe the royal life is for her?
Twisted Tales Series.
A twisted tale takes a classic Disney fairytale and changes a key aspect of the story. See how different fairytales could have been a completely different story with a single change. The current rewritten fairytales include Aladdin, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Ariel.  
The Shadow Game Series.
Enne Salta has always followed the rules. But, after her mother goes missing, Enne will have to step out of her comfort zone and do things she never would have guessed she could do in order to save her mom. Enne will be forced to play a dangerous game.
(King of fools and Untitled have not been released yet.)
Caraval Series.
The Caravel only comes to town once a year and this year Scarlet and Tella will be attending the show. However, upon arrival, Tella is kidnapped and is now the focal point for the game the show revolves around. Whoever finds Tella first will be declared the winner, and if Scarlet wants to find her sister, she is going to be forced to play the game.